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I have signed up for a speed pack 4 NBN (cause ya gotta switch) but have never got the speed I signed up for (I say signed up for because my bills don't match what I was told in my acceptance email). I rang  support and after struggling through the thick accent of the call centre person (my hearing is going downhill fairly fast and I find thick accents hard to handle) I was told my speed was fixed so I should be getting the 100mps I signed up for.. didn't happen I have speeds I would expect from 50mps. My first Internet bill was far more than I expected so I rang (and I think my problem wasn't addressed) and was told that it was wrong and I had to pay a smaller amount which I did. Next bill arrives and it is the same as the last one the difference is I have a new account number so I thought great must be an accrual thing I pay it and then try to log into my account online and only my mobile account is there and a link to my old cable bill which doesn't want to work that well in a current  browser. That link has no info on speeds etc and no way to set up direct debit. Then I get the next bill and It's for an amount I would expect to pay for the slower speed. Then the online muddle that is live chat begins I have yet to actually connect with anyone on live chat since I'm not going to suffer the speaking problems.


OK Rant and explanation over has anyone got a good time of day to connect with live chat so I can sort out this absolute mess.


Re: NBN Speed settings


If hearing is a difficulty for you, definitely jump on chat as an alternate solution.


That said, what NBN type are you on? 


If you are only getting 50mbps, then you'd only be getting 50mbps. 

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Re: NBN Speed settings



I'm on HFC and the confirmation email said I was getting the top speed pack. I was just wanting to know what is the best time to try live chat because it's always busy and I don't want to be stuck at my pc waiting for someone to finish. I've tried afternoons, evenings and no luck. Maybe I will have to wake up at 3am to try. Again thanks for the info

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