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Occasional Contributor

Re: NBN Speed often under 3Mbps 8pm -2am. Optus say bandwidth issue, promise refunds, don't

Optus you promise once again and do not deliver what you have promised. I have had an ongoing complaint with you. Got part way through being credited for my appalling NBN speeds via one of your staff on Yes Crowd, Dan, then nothing. You fixed the NBN speed finally after so many hours of chasing by me and Melbourne Technical finally doing what Call Centre staff promised but never did. But still you owe me for the  bill credits that were promised to me. You credited some on my Jan 2019 bill and nothing since then. Not good enough. I contacted Dan again. Nothing, no response. He is no longer one of your answer people on Yes Crowd. I have a ticket number 19233716 from August last year. I have written formal email complaint in Nov 2018 and got an auto response and then no follow up at all. Again into the Optus Customer Service void I went. I used to work for the NSW Omb myself. I will make a formal complaint if you cannot fix this issue more professionally and with decent customer service. Last chance Optus before I write to the Telecommunications Omb. Regards S Thompson

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