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NBN Speed and Print


I've had two problems since connecting to NBN.


1. The speed is (most of the time) worse than the ADSL I used to have. I didn't verify it with technical tools but that's the experience I have. It's quite obvious. Worse, the internet drops out very often. The wireless connection is strong but the internet light on the router goes off or doesn't blink.

2. My wireless printer doesn't connect to the mobile phones or tablets anymore (air-printers). It's ok with my PC - it didn't connect at first but it worked the last two times I used it, so I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt.


Note: I changed the wifi SSID and password to match the old SSID I had with the ADSL, so that my users don't have to change their log-ins. I don't know if that has caused any of the problems above.


I'm hoping that there is a simple answer because I dread having to contact Optus, who will put me through a lot of technical questions, hoops to jump through and denials. I'll sooner try another provider.


Re: NBN Speed and Print


As RSPs are all the link between the NBNCo and you, its not really possible to avoid contacting Optus if you want to improve your situation. If you are out of contract then you could find another RSP and organise to migrate and then start addressing the issue. But as all RSPs use the same wires to your house now, any issue will remain until you get NBNCo to fix it (via your ISP)


What speed plan are you on? Also what NBNtechnology are you using (FTTN? Cable? FTTP? etc.)


The speeds you are getting indocate something is definitely wrong however its unclear whether that is in the NBN wires or inside your home. For one thing are you accing the internet using wifi or cable? To properly test you need to connect to your modem with a cable. Do a search on SPEEDTEST and run that and see what download speeds you are getting.


Note Optus should be able to tell you the max probable speed you can get on your NBN connection (and do a test from their end). If its lower than your plan speed then they would owe you a partial refund for the months you've been paying the higher speeds.


The printer has nothing to do with the NBN. You just need to run through the setup process to connect it to your wifi properly. 


Peter Gillespie

Re: NBN Speed and Print


Hi Peter,


Thanks for your reply.


I am on the speed pack 3, which is supposed to give me 40 mps. It's FTTN and I'm connecting to the internet through wifi. But note that the internet light goes out from time to time (the same thing happens in my daughter's house a couple of streets away). I'm not sure if it's right to infer from this that the internet connection to my house is at fault.


I've deleted the SSID and reconnected my printer to the new network several times, to no avail. I thought of updating the driver but air-printers don't use drivers (?). I'm not sure if the firmware needs updating.


In any case, I appreciate your advise. I might just contact them to do a speed test (sigh).



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