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New Contributor Benjj
New Contributor

NBN Slow Yeronga QLD

I got NBN a few months ago and the speeds where fantastic, consistent and I was incredibly happy 

Then the worst happened and I got this message

Optus: NBN Co are doing maintenance in your area to improve and maintain the network from Wednesday, 27 November 8:00 am to Wednesday, 27 November 3:00 pm. Some disruption to your services may occur during this period. Optus will monitor this and update you upon outage start. Further information please go to  Optus thanks you for your understanding.

next day, I can’t watch YouTube without it buffering constantly, then it looks like it’s on a terrible dialup connection. Netflix fails to load or buffers or stops halfway through a show or movie. 

Same with amazon prime, Apple Music and others. 

I’ve repeatedly done speed tests which are usually okay but yet YouTube, Netflix, amazing, music, web browsing, downloading files in the browser, anything constantly stalls. Installed the Optus Wifi app the other day 3.58 Mbps the other day in the morning about 6:20 am, 13.46Mbps at 5:25pm that same day, 

Right now the Optus wifi up is showing 8.01 Mbps down and a 60ms ping 

watching YouTube is frustrating it’s like dialup again constantly pausing over and over again. 

Why am I paying for this? I miss my Vivd wireless right now. Heck I’m missing ADSL, it didn’t buffer like this. 

I’ve tried 3 different WIFI routers so far all same experience, I’ve cycled the WIFI router and NBN modem repeatedly to no improvement, I’ve turned everything but my iPad or iPhone off wifi to no improvement and I’ve done a direct Ethernet connection with my iMac and only my iMac is connected to no change in performance. 

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Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Re: NBN Slow Yeronga QLD

Raise a ticket with tech support. Keep on them until they send an nbn tech. I’ve had pretty good experience when I was with dodo I measured my distance to the cabinet and increased my plan to 50mbps plan. My uploads went up but my downloads remained 19mbps after several times of dodo saying nbn says that my service was compatible and them being unable to answer why my uploads increased exponentially but my downloads remained exact I made the switch. First thing Optus said with your distance and what you’ve told us there is something wrong. Nbn tech called out few hrs work and bang 47/19 consistent.
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