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NBN Relocation?!

Hi All, 


Wondering if anybody could assist with my NBN relocation, I was under the impression relocating to an NBN ready property should only take 48-72 hours. I've processed my relocation with optus however they are sayinng it will take over a week! (Nov 22nd) 


Is this normal? Is there any way to fast track?!

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Re: NBN Relocation?!

Hopefully that's a worse case scenario.


What NBN Technology are you using? 


By NBN Ready do you mean the house has been connected to the NBN before?


Optus can't directly control the NBNCo hook up but some companies do seem to do better than others with communicating with NBNCo and arranging a seemless and transparent experience.


I can only suggest you contact Optus again and ask them to see what's the hold up. Optus are you representatives when dealing with NBNCo.


NB Optus may be able to offer an interim credit on your phone for emergency data (e.g. 5Gb worth). Worth asking if useful?


Peter Gillespie

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Frequent Contributor

Re: NBN Relocation?!

Hey @James86, thanks for reaching out to us. Although we might be unable to fast track this one from our end, we can certainly take a closer look into the request and hopefully provide you with an update here. 


So that we are able to do so, please send us a PM confirming the following:


Full name: 


Account or service number:

Order or reference number: 

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