NBN Ready = No NBN?


So my area is ready for NBN, so I decided I would get on it. So I rang Optus support and asked them how to do this. Now this is where the problem started. I was told that the NBN was not in my area, dispite 3 other people on my street being connected to it. I asked where he was getting this information from, I was told he was getting it from the NBN people. I then quickly hoped on the NBN website and seached up my address, and sure enough It said I was NBN ready. I quickly confirmed all the details with her, and they were all right. I ended up ending the call out of frustation because she refused to put me on to someone else, saying that there is nothing else anyone can do. So I endded up getting someone from the NBN support to ring me, to confirm if my address is avaliable for NBN. Guess what?  It is, but here is the kicker. Optus was offereing NBN deals in my area, something they could only do If the NBN was in my area. So once again Optus your customer support, is basicly like talking to a brickwall. Execpt a brick, wall can be useful.

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Oh no Smiley Sad I'm so sorry that this happened @tyler_spackman, it's absolutely not the service we should be providing! 

If you'd still like to organise an NBN connection, please chat with us HERE from a PC/laptop. 

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Re: NBN Ready = No NBN?


I received notification (3 letters one for each of my 3 accounts) on 16 Sept re NBN ready. I went into retail store last week to talk about options - they told me that my area is not ready for NBN and they couldnt help me.


Since then have recievd more mail saying i have a month to change.


this is pretty frustrating - no one to talk to today via phone... have to wait til Monday this is rubbish

Re: NBN Ready = No NBN?


Happy to discuss this further with you over private message @PC21.

When you get the chance, send through your complete address.

I'll run a few checks.




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