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New Contributor Zurik
New Contributor

NBN RELOCATION RUNAROUND - off to the ombudsmen

Hi All,

I requested a relocation service two weeks ago.

I am now in our new home without NBN using up all my data on my phone plan.

I have contact Optus and they keep telling me to wait 24 to 48 hours.

After that time, I call them again as well as the online chat and once again they tell me to wait another 24 to 48 hours.

When I try to track my order through my account, it says to put in a 8 digit reference number but the number Optus has given me is a 6 digit reference number.

What options do I have as when I call them I am on hold for an hour and then get the runaround through different departments.


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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: NBN RELOCATION RUNAROUND - off to the ombudsmen

Given you need to make an official complaint to Optus (and wait 10 days for a response) before going to the ombdsman (and wait 10 days for them to ask Optus for a response) hopefully you'll get the NBN connected before then.


Optus are responsible for getting the internet running, however they do have to wait for NBN to do their part. Some thoughts:


1) If you have Optus mobiles then request Optus provide you with 100Gb of bonus data each month until the NBN is connected.

2) Request Optus send you a wireless broadband modem until the NBN is connected.

3) Request a credit for the first month (with no internet)

4) Contact the NBN directly to see if they can tell you what is happening (can be a long shot though)

5) Find out what that eight digit code is.

6) Just keep on the phone at least once every day. Eventually you will hit someone who might be able to help.




Peter Gillespie

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RetiredModerator AlexRH

Re: NBN RELOCATION RUNAROUND - off to the ombudsmen

Hi @Zurik, sounds like you've had a less than great relocation experience there 😞 

We're here to help - can you please PM me with your order number, full name and DOB? We'd be more than happy to take a look at what's going on with it from our end. 

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