I solved my NBN problem (see previous post by me - MKYD).  I submitted a 2 page letter to the Telecommunications Ombudsman with the required complaint form and wrote to my local Federal MP.  I explained about my life-threatening disabilities and that I am house bound with my phone and internet the main interaction with the outside world.  I told them I had monitored my outages for 5 days and on one day alone the service dropped out 15 times and the phone was out for 4 hours.  Both dealt with it immediately.  In 2 days another NBN technician came out, this one had 35 years experience and spent 2 1/2 hours re-wiring 3 different boxes (my house was fine).  Haven't had a problem since and speeds seem to be fine.  The Optus/Government liasion person phoned me (an Australian even!) about an hour after the NBN man signed off and confirmed that things were now working! I wish I'd done it a month ago!!!


Re: NBN Problem SOLVED


Sounds like a great outcome. Hopefully smooth sailing from here on out.




Peter Gillespie

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