NBN Plans Optus or Move on ?


Apprently NBN is conencted in my area.  Still waiting on Optus to tell me though.


Anyway, I have been receiving nice glossy brocures from other telcos obviosly wanting my business.


I have been with Optus  over 20 years and loyal.


Question is do I or should I stay with Optus?  I dare say there are other Optus Cable customers who have thought of this as I am.


Does anyone reccommend other telcos, their plans and speeds? Anyone signed with another or know of anyone who has?


I get onto online chat before and the agent offered me the $85 plan for $70 over 24 months with speed pack 3  . incl phone. 


What do others reccommend if anything?  Good offer/ plan? or should I look around?


I have cable now and can get up to 100 mbps.  I'm not too knowledgable with this stuff hense looking for your help guys?





Re: NBN Plans Optus or Move on ?


From what I know, speed pack 3 is 50/10 on the NBN network which would be less than your 100/2 with HFC cable.


What kind of NBN Tech are you getting?


If you pop your address into the NBN address tool on their website what does it say?

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Re: NBN Plans Optus or Move on ?


Mate i did and I got this

Planned technology nbn™ Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC)*


Good or bad ?

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