Re: NBN P2P speeds during peak periods



Re: NBN P2P speeds during peak periods


Optus hello? Please respond.

Re: NBN P2P speeds during peak periods

As previously advised Piljekks, there are many factors to take into consideration when speaking of connection speeds via torrent programs. Can advise that I’ve spoken with our Networks team and they’ve confirmed that to our knowledge we do not throttle this type of connection on our network. If you wish to read up on the terms of our service then you can find it here → 


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Re: NBN P2P speeds during peak periods

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I've been following this closely. So I'm also curious.


What does "to our knowledge mean?" -To ME that sounds like "hey, if it's happening, we don't know about it, *shrugs*". Would this be correct or?


In fact I spoke to tech support earlier tonight and asked about it. The response I got was "I did my own testing to see, and there's no throttling from the side of Optus". They also said along the lines "if we were (throttling), I wouldn't be allowed to tell you." and "it would most likely be in the terms."


So that really wasn't re-assuring.


Additionally. I would like to point out that when I was switching over to NBN, I had my old connection (Telstra) and simultaneously available for a few weeks.


Needless to say, there was a vast difference in service speed (P2P)... which for some reason I allowed to glaze over me; things that are making more and more sense with time.

Re: NBN P2P speeds during peak periods


I'm sorry - but your network team is lying, or you are. 

Speak to a few more people if you can.

Should I provide graphs? Do you want a network analysis with a topology of my current configuration? I can provide anything you need.


Example 1)

Using the BEST private trackers, trackers that have both local (AUS) and international peers with potential to upload at over 100mb/s, at 6PM - (200-400kb/s speed).

Example 2)

Same trackers, same peers at 6am? (11mb/s download speed).


Now - during Example #1, If I use these SAME peers, however download the file via FTP or HTTP, (21, 80), 11mb/s.


So telling me its network congestion, or my internal network, or the peers, or the technology, the applications - any excuse you can think of - I will not accept.


I've tested accross multiple clients (I have many clients who use Optus as their ISP, have NBN, Cable, DSL).. different PC's, different networks, different/same trackers, clients - different times/all at the same time..


My testing proves, Optus is definately shaping P2P traffic, for more than 50% of the billable month, denying it to all their customers, lying about their policy over the phone from their sales department, and will not publically admit this, as the know, their highest paying customers, are the customers who are after FAST P2P , at all times.


Shame, shame, shame. 


Re: NBN P2P speeds during peak periods


Hey Larico/ Piljekks – can appreciate your interest in regards to your service. Please keep in mind though that the testing you’ve both mentioned simply has too many variables that will have an effect your connection speeds.


Though we do not throttle any P2P traffic on our service; as stated in the Optus Internet Service Description:


  • Changes we may make to the service 
    • Subject to any obligation we have under clause 2A (Changing the Agreement) of the consumer terms or clause 2A (Changing the Agreement) of the SMB terms (as applicable), we may modify an aspect of the service or the delivery of the service if it is necessary to do so for the efficient operation of the network used to supply the service. For example, we may apply controls to:
      • prioritise internet traffic of certain types or users over others;
      • block or filter specific internet ports;

As you can see above, all traffic is monitored and measures may be put in place to help ensure that all of our customers are able to efficiently operate on our network. If you wish to read more on this then you can find more information here.

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Re: NBN P2P speeds during peak periods


I appreciate your reply, however... Maybe it's just me but it seems contradictory.


You claim P2P isn't throttled but then go on to go on to show documentation that Optus reserve and exercise their right to modify their service in favour of specific types of traffic....


So, without nitpicking definitions here, your own documentation says you do in fact "throttle" (or whatever PR term you wish to coin in) when you feel it is "necessary".


How can anyone at Optus say that any aspect of their service isn't throttled, when in fact at their whim EVERY aspect of their service is subject to throttling.


Secondly this just means that in order for Optus to do this successfully, barring some proprietary I'm unaware of, Optus likely use packet inspection or deep packet inspection to achieve this. How interesting that is as well.


But anyway, thank you for confirming with your quoted documentation that any traffic used with the Optus service is subject to prioritisation, which to everyone in the real world means throttling. Even if you feel that this is" false" on a 'technicality' or interpretation of definition of the terminology used.

Re: NBN P2P speeds during peak periods




i just signed up to a 24 month contract.


if i knew that optus were throttling p2p i would have never joined them.


i'm going to see what the TIO can do to exit me from my contract

Re: NBN P2P speeds during peak periods


Sorry, but I do not accept this as an answer to my original question/issue. 


If P2P speeds are being shaped between a very specific time period, every single day since the day I and other customers have signed up to your service, you are in fact shaping/throttling P2P speeds.


This isn't a "one off" where your network is heavily conjested and these things are required. This is every day, same speeds, same tiem period. It's automated.


How can you push back and claim not to throttle P2P traffic? Are you worried about potential customer loss? Why would you not openly admit to your practices? If a customer has P2P throttle concerns prior to signing a contract, they will be very dissapointed to learn that you do in fact throttle P2P, but claim not to.


The evidence is there. I don't understand why it can't be admitted and documented. I guess your phone scripts don't have this information.

Re: NBN P2P speeds during peak periods


I can see both sides have valid points here, the conditions while torrenting are too dynamic with too many variables for you to use as a test.


ie: you might see the same number of seeders or peers as you did when you were downloading at 11mbit, but they're not necessarily the same seeders in the same locations with the same amount of bandwidth...


Or even if you see the same number of seeders and peers, and lets just say that they're the exact same people, there's nothing to say that they haven't limited their upload rates during peak periods, because they want to be able to do other things on the net say....



So you see what I'm getting at here... But despite all what I've just said I do agree that if your torrents are getting limited to a perfect 500kb then thats a cause for concern (assuming you've set your client/network up correctly), but your testing is inconclusive. 


Try this link, this test should rule out some of the variables with bittorrent:

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