NBN Outage - Wishart 4122


How do you get information from Optus other than the the standard - "we know there is problem" from their Outage page


Re: NBN Outage - Wishart 4122


In fairness, Optus can only report what NBNCo tells them. Two totally seperate companies and NBN is incharge of fixing the outage. 


It appears Wishart is having an NBN outage:


Recent reports mostly originate from: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Pyrmont, Surrey Hills, Prahran, Perth,Wishart, and Bankstown.


From this site. Ultimately its an outage. It will be back on when it is back on.




Peter Gillespie

Re: NBN Outage - Wishart 4122


Hey @revillo, @petergdownload has linked a good resource for these types of widespread NBN outages. In most cases, we’re unaware of a wide spread issue until we’ve received a number of reports from customers within the same area. We’ll create an internal trouble ticket which is continually updated as we receive further reports from NBNco. NBN also a list live outages outages on their order management/service portal - here they attach all Optus NBN services impacted by the outage.


 It looks like the issue has been resolved however in the future you can always call our fault line 131344 and ask that they create a secondary ticket and staple it to the primary ticket. We’ll send SMS updates as we receive further information. 


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