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I currently have Optus Cable and raised a request for NBN on 30/4/19, I received an e-mail saying I should hear within 2 days confirming an installation date. It is now the 20/5/19, 20 days later and I still haven’t got a date for install. I have contacted Optus several times to be told that the order is stuck in processing and I should get an update in the next 24 hours. Has anyone else had such a poor experience and how do I get this order moving? I have spoken to the Online team who tell me they can’t help, when I went in store they said they can’t help and my last phone call to the NBN team resulted in the same outcome they will escalate and I will hear in 24 hours. That was 72 hour ago. Is the best thing just to go to Telstra?

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Telstra has a freeze on all NBN new orders (so that's out sorry). I'm not sure if this freeze is more industry wide though. Basically the NBN turned on a huge area of potential HFC connections last month. Each one requires a NBN Technician to do the install (as the signal strength/quality must be properly checked at the outset). So in general any new HFC NBN connection is going to take a while (if not quite a while)


I agree though that Optus (as your NBN liason) needs to do much better communicating what's going on. If there is a delay then they should be contacting you and explaining it. You still don't have NBN but at least you're not left completely in the dark about what is going on.


You may need just to sit tight and wait I think until NBNCo provide you with a date (Which is likely to be at least a month + away when it comes) .


Peter Gillespie

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Similar issues, but received email confirming my order (with order number) after 3 days AND a date for NBN tech to attend 29th May. After a couple of days, tried to check order online - nothing listed.  Live chat to find when new Optus modem was being shipped and told I didn't need one!!! Followed up 2 days later and confirm yes I did need a new modem but order was 'stuck'.  No advice as how to 'un-stick it'.  Checked local store who showed me 2 orders in the system, my initial order and a cancellation order. 

2 days later phoned the activation number 1300 739 402.  Order still stuck so I asked for a rep to call me back - which they did to tell me NBN had rejected my order.  Rep could not tell me why I had not received cancellation email for modem or NBN tech's visit.  Why is this so difficult??  Next stop the telecom Ombudsman.


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I had a similar issue with a reloaction recently.


1st NBN tech came and said, need a tech to run cabling into premise as I found out after the fact that the Optus NBN Cable wouldn't actually go via the existing Optus HFC network. Unsure how they sel;l this as Cable when the last portion is via a copper pair??


Spoke to a techthat was in my street a few days later, said there shouldn't be an issue as long as I didnt want the point upstairs. 1st tech didnt even ask, just said need a private tech.

Optus gave me another 3 wek appt, after giving them 6 weeks about my relocation tombegin with.

Organised a tech via my wifes work pulling some strings through India!


No modem was ever sent as the order was stuck. No telephone for 3 weks once I had it done, and had to buy my own modem. The experience was horrible, still waiting for all of the issues to be resolved. 


Waiting for it all to be resolved and then I'll leave. The service is poor at best, and don;t think you can ever get to speak to anyone quickly. Andwhen you do, they have no idea what they're talking about. If it falls outside their script, they useless.




Re: NBN Order stuck in processing


ps @Murphster Yes, I'd go elsewhere. I can get my Premier League for $15 /month with an unlimited plan elsewhere and still save money. I went with them as I thought the move would be easy. Plenty of competition out there.

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I went with Aussie Broadband after being an Optus customer for 25 years. Booked online for a better price than Optus were offering as they flatly refused to consider even matching the competitors price. Technician booked for 2 weeks and the hardware (router & Fetch TV) arrived the next day. Receiving daily texts to confirm that my booking for this Monday is still locked in. All in all a pleasant experience with ABB so far. Didn't want to leave Optus but they just made it an easy decision in the end.

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