NBN Optus nightmare


I really need help big time.


I have moved house and did the right thing contacting Optus three weeks before to disconnect at old address and reconnect a new address.  Somehow the order was put through to disconnect and reconnect at the new address. I wasn't aware of this until the new owner of my old house contacted me to tell me that I need to disconnect and he couldn't reconect.


After several phone calls and speaking to different service people, I finally received the NBN modem and it was installed but in the wrong room.  I asked for it to be changed and was told that wasn't what he was there for.  He was only instructed to install and troubleshoot. He was kind enough to test the modem I brought over from my old address and said that I needed a different one.(Old address - FTTC-new address FTTN).


So back on the phone again to Optus and tried to explain all this and they don't seem to listen very well as said that okay, will book it in for 17th September.  I asked them to repeat back what was being done on 17th and they replied they will reconnect.

This is a new connection as the previous owner hadn't connected.


Today I received a text message from Optus stating that they noticed I not activated the service and if I don't completed the installation in the next 28 days, my service may be automatically cancelled. need help - chat with us  - which doesn't work!


So back on the phone again today and the operator thought I was already connected so I had to go throough it all over again and I am really anxious as I am not sure that this person understood either.


I have been off the internet since 26 August.  One operator was helpful in that they sent me a pocket modem to keep me going but even that had issues as was disconnecting.


I have put in a complaint but have not received a response as yet.


Where to next? I am a nervous wreck ove this.




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Take a breath Smiley Happy Yes its damn frustrating but think of it like being stuck in traffic. You'll need to just get to where you're going a bit slower, no point hitting the horn. At this stage it would seem your connected to the NBN, OPtus just need to turn on the tap.


1) How do the lights look on your NBN modem?

2) Does your Optus modem have a WAN port at the back (usually a different colour to the other ports)

3) Do you have a PC/Laptop that you could try plugging directly into the NBN modem? (i.e. bypas the Optus modem alltogether and reboot the PC and see if you can surf the internet)


Peter Gillespie

Re: NBN Optus nightmare


NBN tested tested with my old laptop and I have since tried with another laptop, (WAN is red on my modem). No luck.


My main concern is that nobody will come out and they don't understand what is needed.  When they stuffed up the original booking, I had a confirmed NBN booking but when they had to disconnect/connect the service correctly, the date changed  as first booking was cancelled by the system.


Also when the tech does arrive on 17th he may not have a new modem and not install connection in the room required (currently two points one in bedroom and the other dining room), neither of which is suitable.  I really don't want him turning up and saying, 'sorry not on my work order'.


I have now also received an email repeating the text message I received.

If you do not complete your installation within the next 28 days, this service may be automatically cancelled.


I just want to speak with someone in customer service that understands my situation and have it resolved, surely this is not a major problem that I have to wait until the 17th.

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Hi Charley25,

Not sure how long ago you submitted your complaint but you should receive a response.

Yes Crowd is a customer forum, please be aware that we don't have visibility of customer accounts.

To speak with a customer service agent, you'll need to get in touch with Optus.

If you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details. The team should be able to help.

Please let us know how you go.

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Re: NBN Optus nightmare


Hi Ray,

Filled in complaint form over a week ago and sent another Wednesday.  No response yet the site states two working days.


Still no connection and after many calls to 133937 still not connected.  Everybody seems to have a different story and despite having text message stating that a tech will be out on 17th, they now are telling me that no such appointment exists. One operator suggested that I get a private contractor to move connection point then use old modem to connect.  This is despite their NBN tech telling me that it didn't work.


Think I have given Optus enough chances/time, might be time after 20 years to change providers.  Really sad as I have been extremly happy in the past but three weeks and no further understanding of what is the next step is enough for me. I am not on any social media so can't contact any other way.

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