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NBN Offer to Reduce package

OK, lets sum this up. Got NBN put on that had to replace my aging Telstra Cable 120/10 connection. I got the fastest plan I could get 100/20. This FTTC connection will not go past 70/20 MB. This is almost a 50% drop in speed from antiquated technology to this so call "Super Fast Broadband". Now comes the kicker. 

Optus gave me the options below:

Option 1: You can move to a different plan and receive a refund

You can choose to switch to a different Optus plan based on your needs and the maximum speeds shown above which speed test data indicates you can receive. Please contact us to discuss your options, you can find details of our NBN plans online.

We will also give you a refund of $20.

Option 2: You can choose to exit your contract and receive a refund

You can choose to exit your Optus contract without cost. We will not charge you any early termination charges and you will also receive a refund. Contact us to find out the refund amount you are eligible for.

Option 3: You can remain on your current plan

If you're happy with your service, you can choose to remain on your Internet Ultimate 100 plan with no refund.


A few issues here.

Option 1: there is no plan that meets the speeds I get, I either get 100/20 or drop to a 50mb plan. Reducing my speed even further. There is no middle plan.

Option 2: Chances are its not optus's fault the technology is bad. Switching will not guarantee any speed as "No One" guarantee's speed until signed up.

Option 3: This is the one that hurts the most. Stay on a plan that is costing me in excess 100$ per month but only providing 3/4 of what is paid for.

I paid Telstra 89$ per month and got a guaranteed 120mb connection. When we had congestion issues, Teltra offered a discount to my plan until I got speeds I was paying for. This worked fairly. So why can't Optus offer Option 4: Discount applied to current plan? (ಠ¿ಠ) 

So am I stuck with the choice of the 3 options above or is their anything else that can be done to resolve this?

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Honoured Contributor

Re: NBN Offer to Reduce package

The choices you have been given are legally mandated. Optus must provide those options to you. The good news is that you should be able to sort your issues. A few comments:

1) Your Telstra cable wasn't replaced because it was outdated technology. Around a fifth of the nation still use the existing Telstra cables (now owned by NBNCo) and they have been updated to 250Mbps capablity (and will all do 1000Mbps by the end of the year)

2) FTTC is possibly the second best NBN technology (after FTTP) and can easily do 100Mbps. If its not then the NBN line is faulty.

3) Yes there is no 75Mbps plan. So if you just stick with what you have then you will have to chose to get a 50/20 and pay for that or a 100/20 and pay over the odds. Up to you which way you'd prefer.

4) Definitely chances it is Optus (or the fact Optus aren't telling the NBNCo to get it fixed). If it was FTTN technology then that's another story (that tech sux) but FTTC should go 100Mbps easily.

5) I would suggest you take Option 2. Its completely free (you actually get your money back). Sign up with an RSP called Aussie Broadband. Keep the Optus modem for a little while longer (you'll need to return it to Optus eventually in a satchet they provide) as ABB allow you to BYO modem. ABB are very good at service issues and if they discover the 70Mbps issue still exists they will get the NBN out to fix it if possible.

With this approach, even if you end up still on 70Mbps max then at least you know its not Optus. ABB do month to month so you are free to rejoin Optus or any other RSP etc.

* and just a note that ABB is the only RSP that does actually have a 75/20 Mbps NBN plan. So that's nice too.


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