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NBN Not Insatalled on specifed date

My nbn was supposed to be installed on 7/2/2020 between 8am-12pm.

Website states

  • The first visit involves your nbn technician installing equipment inside and outside of your home. This will involve digging a trench and possibly removing vegetation to lay the cable from the street to your residence. The Premises Connection Device (PCD) will be mounted on an outside wall. This is where the cable is connected from the street to your home. A wall inside your home will be fitted with the nbn fibre wall outlet and the nbn connection box. Your internet and home phone internet connection will come through this box
  • Work inside may involving moving furniture around. A hole will be drilled into the wall. Don’t stress. Any mess will be addressed
  • Your nbn technician should activate your service connection before they leave.

    None of this was completed at all.

    Technician came and stated that there was no cable installed from our house to the curb yet...well obviously not because it's a new install. He then said i cant install it because there is no cable and then left. Website states that the first visit will entail a trench being dug for new cable to be ran from the house to the curb. I called optus NBN to ask when he will be back with the cable, only to be told an investigation is being held as to why it wasnt installed and could take 2-3 business days to get an answer.

    This is ridiculous, how do the technicians not know to install the cable from the house to the curb?


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Re: NBN Not Insatalled on specifed date

Hey @seekae92.

I gather that we'd organised NBN to install a Fibre to the Curb service? 

The type of appointment booked with NBN is based on the information they've given us about your address (as in the current state of the infrastructure that's installed)

NBN denote a service class to each address within their servicable footprint.

Service Class 30: This area will be serviceable by FTTC

Service Class 31: The premises is serviceable by FTTC, but does not have a lead-in yet

Service Class 32: FTTC service that has a lead-in, but is not yet connected

Service Class 33: Premises connected to FTTC is now connected, but an NCD (nbn™ device) is still required.

Service Class 34: The premises is now fully connected to the FTTC network. Appointments do not need to be made for activation. Activation can take 1-5 business days

If you're without a lead-in cable. NBN should have denoted the address as a service class 31. Upon booking the installation, we're prompted to select an appointment that's relevant to the work that's required. 

At times, I have seen the wrong service class assigned to an address. In this scenario, we're required to raise a ticket with NBNco for a "service class reversal"

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Re: NBN Not Insatalled on specifed date

Two separate departments. Does seem that Optus/NBNCo have stuffed up (presumably your house was registered as cabled when in fact it was not).

You've confirmed you are getting a HFC connection?

Unfortunately you will just have to wait while it is sorted out. I would suggest you contact Optus every few days for an update as otherwise things can sort of not get progressed sometimes.
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