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NBN! Move forward they say - I've only moved back.......

My NBN journey so far.


After 2 visits - and not being informed upfront of the found issues I have -:


Issue 1. Optus NBN requires to be on Telstra / Foxtel network. The plate was 30m away from my Optus plate. 1st NBN installer refused to help - 2nd installer then installed by patching Telstra box outside to Optus box. Resolved - but 3-4 hr inconvenience to my wife & over 2-3hrs inconvenience to me making calls.


Issue 2. 2nd NBN installer did not even bother hookingup my phones and did not even bother letting us know how this shoud be done. - still not resolved


Issue 3. When I spoke with Optus today they told me al I had to do was hook my NBN to my Optus Router and then my phone. Then I could hook up the existing phone socket up and all the other phones in the house would work. After over 2hrs of calls I have just been told that it is not possible to hook up the modem to multiple phones. You only get 1 phone hookup!! What about the other 3 phones in my house!! Now they are now telling me I have to pay for a phone technician to resolve - Optus will not pay for this  - Still not resolved after 2 hrs


Issue 4. New Optus Modem (SAGEMCOM) Fast 3864 - Fast!! The Wifi for my PC, which is right next to my Optus router, now has only 1-2 bars on the WiFi - i used to have NetGear CG3000 which worked perfectly. Now my wifi is struggling to reach my wifi extender that connects my Fetch TV


Issue 5. DNS - I have unblock DNS to for my US TV - the new modem does not even let you update the DNS like the NetGear used to.


Everything is backwards........

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Re: NBN! Move forward they say - I've only moved back.......

hi. I've also had a terrible experience with optus nbn installation but I did learn one little trick that might help. Instead of connecting a phone into your optus router all you have to do is connect the phone port in your optus router  to any phone port in your house. You'll then find that all other phone ports in your house become active. I have no idea why the optus technicians dont know this!!

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Re: NBN! Move forward they say - I've only moved back.......

OMG! Thank you so much Smiley Happy

That fixed the problem! I'm down a fixed phone - but the other 3 are working.
I should be able to pick up a double adapter somewhere to piggy back the 4th fixed phone.


I totally agree with you - I have spent hours on this issue and the Optus people did not provide this resolution.

All I got was some scripted manual baloney about there being an error someone on my phone network. But I called her out that she wasnt even thinking about my issue as she was in auto pilot - especially when my network had worked 15+years on the other optus cable.


They have no idea! 


Thank you so much GCO1


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