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NBN Modem nightmare


How hard is it for optus to interact with toll?


I have contacted optus on at least 7 occasions over the last to weeks and am still without a modem.  I have been assured on at least 4 occasions that address details have been updated with Toll, without any actual proof of that having occured.  There is clearly a distinct issue with the communication and connectivity between Optus and Toll.  How many times should I have to contact Optus before this issue is resolved?  Customers should be completely shielded form internal shortcomings.


I am absolutely appauled by this customer experience and I am not really sure what to do other than to make a complaint to the TIO?  Any advice?

Re: NBN Modem nightmare

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The Optus delivery process appears very opaque (even to staff). Optus appear to essentially remove themselves from any part of the parcel delivery process, be it standard tracking or following up when things go wrong. The main approach appears to be it will eventually turn up back at the Optus warehouse and will be logged in. After that we can see what to do. Until then its assumed you have it.


My only suggestion would be if you can get somone to send out a second modem. Tell them you'll return the first one if it ever arrives. Not sure if that's doable though.


A TIO complaint would take months to resolve and no doubt you'll get you modem long before then (and TIO would call that a satisfactory outcome). Similarly an official written complaint to Optus will take a few weeks. I can only suggest that you wait and it will come. FWIW You shouldn't be charged any plan fees until the modem is activated (Get a credit if needed). You could also request to cancel the entire plan after a this time. You'd be entitled to but they may not agree - but it might prompt them into sending out that second unit.


Peter Gillespie

Re: NBN Modem nightmare


thanks a lot for the info.  9 times I've contacted them and counting.  Their customer experience is terrible!  I tell you what if I didn't think that they'd stuff up the cancellation, I would cancel it altogether!!


Re: NBN Modem nightmare


@JB83, we might be better off placing a new modem order for you.


Have you been given the modem order number or consignment from TOLL? 


You can track the delivery here

I'm happy to see if there's something we can do.

You’re welcome to private message us. We need your full name, DOB and account number.



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Re: NBN Modem nightmare


thanks @Dan_C for your assistance, the modem arrived today and you seem to have achieved in a couple of days what 9 other discussions had failed to do. 

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