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NBN Modem Questions




In the OPTUS NBN Pre-Installation Booklet it states:


The NBN CONNECTION BOX – providing a home for your new internet and phone
connection. The best place for it is in the same room as your current internet
connection and no more than 1.5m from where you would like your Optus WiFi
Modem installed.


Why does the modem have to be no more than 1.5m from the NBN Connection Box?


Is it only because that is the length of the "Yellow Ethernet Cable" that comes with the EVG2000 WIFI Gateway?


Is it actually a 'Wireless Modem" or just a "Wireless Router"?


Can I specifically request the Netgear EVG2000 WIFI Gateway rather than the Sagemcom modem which I am NOT keen on?


Thank You



Re: NBN Modem Questions


Hey GregT


I have the sagemcom modem and it seems fine, I have never been offered a choice and I presume they use this because its the same modem they supply for their ADSL connections. Can't hurt to ask as the worst it can be is "No Sorry".


It is a modem however as you only plug the cable from the NBN device to the fibre port (red) it's effectively utilised as a router as well as storing the config for the voice line if you have 1.


I presume they advise 1.5m for a couple of reasons, firstly the cable supplied is that long and secondly most likely for ease of troubleshooting when there is an issue.


I am sure if you connect a 5 meter ethernet cable between the NBN box and the Sagemcom you wouldn't notice any difference.


All the best.


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Re: NBN Modem Questions


Hi Jabba,


Thank you for your response to my questions.  As you said it can't hurt to ask.






Re: NBN Modem Questions


Hi all,

Again, thank you to Jabbajaws77, but I would still like a response from Optus in relation to my NBN Modem Questions so I can prepare for the eventual change over with some certainty.


Re: NBN Modem Questions


Hi GregT, I just replied to your other thread here so check that out when you get a chance Smiley Happy

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Re: NBN Modem Questions


Hi Raz,

Thank you. Rang the number you provided (1300 300 427 – Optus NBN) and was informed by the Optus Tech that a five metre LAN cable between the NBN Connection Box and the Modem/Router should not be a problem. Will mark the question as solved. We will see.....



Re: NBN Modem Questions

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Hi went into my Modem/router and checked setup. Just a quick question I noticed there were WIFI passwords for 2.4 Mhz and one for 5 Mhz. The one on 2.4 was the WI FI password I put in and the 5Mhz was different. What is the difference between the 2.4 and 5 Mhz?  Am I auctually using the 2.4 with my WiFI password on it. Should I change the 5mhz to my own Passwords as well.

Sorry that should read 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ..  Under WIFI at address

Re: NBN Modem Questions


Sorry that should read 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ..  Under WIFI at address

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