NBN Modem Access

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Received my new NBN modem - Sagecom

Connected and followd instructions - was able to access all parts without username and password


Now when I go to it wants a username and password for ALL settings


I did not change default settings as the unit was unlocked and did not require any password during intial install


How do I access my Modem??


Have tried following:


Different Browsers

Cleared all cookies etc


admin/password (various capital letter combos)

optus/password (various capital letter combos)

optus/optus (various capital letter combos)

admin/Y3sOptus (various capital letter combos)

Re: NBN Modem Access


Have you tried ?


(no pass)

Re: NBN Modem Access


make sure it's not kicking you to 


if the problem remains you will have to do a factory reset, and remember not to Enable Optus Secure Profile, as no one know what the username and password for these pieces of crap are.

Re: NBN Modem Access

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Hi there @newxr (Ford fan, eh? Oh, and apologies in advance for the lengthy reply!),

From what I understand, and having had the same dillema myself, I can tell you that there is no default username and password when you log on to (emphasis on username)- that said, you may have problems accessing that webpage from your PC/Mac (see my thread for more information).

Summated solution can be found in the below Spoiler:

My solution would be to use your Android or iPhone device to access the above website to change the default modem IP address (to basically any other private IP address - e.g., 192.168.x.1 / 172.16.x.1 / 10.x.x.1 | 254 > x > 1 will suffice).

An example of what you may see can be found below:

If your PC / Mac is already connected to the modem (either by Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi), you may need to release and renew the IP configurations (for PC [provided you are an Administrator of the PC in question], open Command Prompt and type in the following commands:

ipconfig /release


ipconfig /renew


An example of what you may see when the above is typed into Command Prompt - using Windows 7 - can be found below (heads up - not my actual screenshot for privacy reasons):
Windows 7 IPConfig Release and Renew DEMO Screenshot

Another idea (though not as necessary as the above solution) would be to flush the Domain Name Server (DNS) Resolver Cache. To do this (while Command Prompt is still open from the above step), type the following command:

ipconfig /flushdns


An example of what you may see when the above is typed into Command Prompt - using Windows 8 - can be found below (heads up - not my screenshot for privacy reasons):
Windows 8 IPConfig FlushDNS Command Prompt

As for passwords, there isn't any required if you go here - that is, unless you decide to then activate the Optus Secure Profile by following the prompts on the Password portal (in which case, you will then need to type in your new username and password details - I'd keep this info in a safe place, so that a factory reset won't become necessary later down the track!). If need be, you can always make a back-up of your modified configurations

Hope this helps; if it did, feel free to give this a + Kudos!

Kind regards,


* I am not au fait with Mac devices, and therefore am unable to advise you on how to release and renew IP configurations for such devices.

** A P.S. for the Optus Moderators can be found in the below Spoiler:

P.S.: Moderators, I am suggesting that all future Sagemcom F@st 3864's have the factory-default IP address changed either to / / / or (based on the above post, and to also prevent IP address conflicts and/or firewall / antivirus / internet browser issues) - furthermore, I am also suggesting that all distributed Sagemcom modems have their firmwares updated to allow for such a change where possible, and where customers are adequately notified of such planned changes (to avoid complications and headaches for the customers and/or NBN Technical Support Team). Many thanks again. -Terry.


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Re: NBN Modem Access


Well the issue has been partially resolved - no help from Optus!!


Did a factory reset without success.


Second factory reset - Power off. Disconnect everything except phone line. Power on and factory reset.


The modem settings available again without password.


Reinstall printer, USB drive and reconfigure WiFi etc etc


Few hours later - Unable to access USB drive and again modem requesting username and password


Factory reset again and reconfigure again. Did this a couple of times. Finally figured out that for some reason when I tried to access the connected USB drive using the "Total Commander" android app from my phone it would send the modem into the "locked" configuration. After some forum discussion found out that "Total Commander" has a master password setup that is not used by most but if setup can have some issues with wifi networks. I have now stopped using the master password on Total Commander and have had no further issues with the NBN Modem


Re: NBN Modem Access


I guess a partial resolution is better than none at all, @newxr...

That said, what issue(s) need resolving? If your reply was in fact the solution, then I advise you to mark it as such.


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