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NBN Installation - Body Corporate

Anyone else had major issues communicating to OPTUS about being under a body corporate?


Every time I call OPTUS support (NBN tech has already attended site and told mehis job isn't to install cables) the try and book in another appointment for another tech to come out and wire the cables, but the body corporate has requested a plan of installation to approve.


As the Body Corporate put it, "We need to make sure, that giving the worst possibel case, they're not installing pink conduit accross the property"


Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice on who to contact? The Body Corporate are under the impression they receive these plans from Telcos all the time, but OPTUS doesn't seem to underatand

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Re: NBN Installation - Body Corporate

Hmm this certainly sounds unusual, I've never heard of a "Plan Of Installation" for an NBN connection before.


You mentioned the NBN tech has already attended the site, so is the building NBN ready? The next step should just be activating the connection to your property.


If you could find out exactly what Body Corporate need from us, we could always hand write a letter for yourself explaining the installation process.

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