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NBN Initial Connection

My situation and question is this:
The NBN will come to our premises via FTTC. This means that one of the existing Telstra lines (as I understand it) will be connected to the NBN fibre cable (at the curb box) and be the means of supplying us with the NBN.
The problem is that the Telstra lines (two) while being securely attached to our premises have been disconnected and the Cable which connected them to our internal phone network was removed when we connected to Optus Cable. There is no cable connecting either of the Telstra lines to our existing internal phone network and I do not want the NBN to be connected to this network. I want the NBN to be independent of any existing internal phone cabling.
This means there will need to be a new cable installed to link between the incoming Telstra lines and a new NBN wall outlet. My question is - whose responsibility will it be to instal this new cable and connect it to the appropriate incoming line. Will it be the responsibility of the NBN or my provider, Optus? And will there be a charge?


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Re: NBN Initial Connection

There is no point in maintaining any existing internal phone cabling. The NBN replaces it. Any existing service over any existing Telstra / Optus lines or cable will be shut down shortly (never to start again). 


You have no choice in whather  FTTC is used. NBNCo will do nothing until you request a connection (however 18 months after NBNCo arrives in your suburb any existing phone and internet lines will be disconnected). And as you are on Optus cable the time frame is only three months after NBNCo arrives in your area before Optus shut down your service.


AS far as I understand it, NBNCo will ensure a wire is run from the curb to your home wall although its possible a $350 fee will apply. As you seem to have a cable already in place then I suspect they'll just connect you up as needed.


One suggestion though is you have the option of arranging a painless transition to the NBN. Optus will keep providing their service for a few months after the NBN arrives. You could pick any other RSP to arrange the NBN connection (which will use the FTTC wire). Make sure this RSP offers true month to month plans. Get them to hook you up and once you are all sorted you can cancel the Optus cable connection (no penalties apply as they are shutting their network down). Then you can decide how to proceed on the NBN (Switch over to Optus again?)


Peter Gilllespie

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