NBN HFC Speed pack 4 - ul limited to 20mbps


So, I had "speed pack 4" enabled on my service (NBN on HFC)

Unfortunately I find cannot achieve UL speed above 20mbps when using the Optus Sagemcom router.


I have tested the NBN connection by plug my PC in directly to the NBN modem.

With that setup I can get full 40mbps UL.


When I put the Optus router back into the mix, limited to 20mbps.


Can anyone confirm if the Optus router has such a limitation?

Re: NBN HFC Speed pack 4 - ul limited to 20mbps


Its not a hardware limitation. Plenty of NBN Optus customers on 40Mbps upload.


It may be a faulty modem. Or possibly Optus are limiting the bandwidth when they detect their modem etc. 


Can only suggest you contact them directly and see if they can't flick a switch on the backend. Otherwise get them to send out a replacement modem.


Peter Gillespie

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