NBN, Fetch TV & Back to base alarm system not working


Hi guys, 


Signed up to Optus at Christmas time as I was told they would take care of my back to base alarm system (Telstra wouldn't), we would get unlimited data and the fastest download speeds on NBN and also cancelled Foxtel as Optus provided the Fetch TV system which suited what we watched. I AM SO DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!! 


It has only been installed since 3rd of Jan and nothing is working! The internet cuts out up to 5 times an hour, the TV stops streaming the channels (Disney, CNN etc.) and our back to base alarm system is not connected at the moment and I have just been informed today they can't do anything about the back to base alarm system and that they can't see any issues with our internet so "All systems are working perfectly".


How do I get them to listen to me? How do I stop my internet cutting out? How do we improve the download speed? We never had any of these issues with Telstra and our internet before, it only started after moving to Optus. 

Re: NBN, Fetch TV & Back to base alarm system not working


Not a great start Smiley Sad I'm really sorry for the issue's you've had!

If you do have an NBN connection, there's definitely some alarm systems that are incompatible, have you raised this with your alarm company at all? 

It's definitely unusual that your connection is dropping out so frequently, do you have anything connected via Ethernet to your modem? Or is it all Wi-Fi? 

Happy to run a series of tests on your connection, can you please PM me with your account number or username? 

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