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New Contributor Sailor209
New Contributor

NBN Fail.

When do I start getting refunds for an NBN service that is down every 8 to 10 hours.

I'm getting sick of Fetch recordings that are incomplete and using my mobile data to hotspot my PC.

No service..No payments.


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Honoured Contributor
Honoured Contributor

Re: NBN Fail.

That is an unacceptable down time. What NBN technology do you have? FTTN. HFC?

With that much down time there is obviously an issue. Optus is responsible for the service (they can't just say its NBNs problem). You need to request Optus to send out an NBN technician to investigate.

Are you keeping a rough log of down times? Optus also automatically logs all disconnections to your modem so they should also be able to confirm the issue on their end.

Peter Gillespie

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