Re: NBN FTTP Peak Hour Speeds


Hi Jiefu and AMitchy, Many Thanks for your experience with NBN speeds and comments.

@Optus what are you doing about your loyal customer base??


Re: NBN FTTP Peak Hour Speeds


We investigate individual faults @wjf, if issues are related to the network then we will be in touch when upgrades are completed

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Re: NBN FTTP Peak Hour Speeds




Suffering the same pain as you. I'm located in The Ponds 2769. The last 3 months have seen a decline in speed. Currently

on the 100/40 plan with fetch tv. Unable to watch fetch tv with dropouts. Youtube buffering when watching videos. Contacted 

helpdesk and did the regularly troubleshooting. Didn't make a difference, eventually at the end of the call the tech admitted it was a network congestion and theres nothing he can do about it. Was getting download speeds of  between 3 - 15mbps and great upload speeds of 35mbps. My ref number : 8c-1610-jh6. 


Not sure what else can be done, but stop paying the bill and moving to another ISP. Have got a mobile plan with Optus as well and been with Optus for about 15 years with mobile and broadband. 





Re: NBN FTTP Peak Hour Speeds


@Steph_C  Given that people are paying for 100/40 but getting nothing near the 100 and the up line seems to be reasonable which is of little benefit f you are using this to watch streaming video. Would it just be my sense of fair play or logic that they not be charged at the high level rate/fee until the service is capable of consistent provisioning of what they are paying for?

In simple words, reduce the fee's until the problem is sorted...!

This would be the sign of good customer relations and good will. Keeping the customer informed and updated with fortnightly reports of progress or no progress would also go down well and if prolonged then an option to exit contract without charge if nothing has been rectified after maybe 3 months.

These basic customer skills and relations are what we need and are sorely missing these days, not standover tactics and bullying. A fair go and a fair deal for what we are paying for is not too much to ask for..!

If you go through life with your head buried in the sand,......all people will see is an ass..!
I am an OPTUS customer and NOT in their service.!!!!

Re: NBN FTTP Peak Hour Speeds




Re: NBN FTTP Peak Hour Speeds


Re: NBN FTTP Peak Hour Speeds


Moderators @Guy @Steph_C Does this fix just apply to @AMitchy or has it reportedly fixed the numerous others on this forum who have reported the same issue? 


@AMitchy after a few hours have you still no issues? 


@wjf @Jiefu @fixittonez @saiwogjai has this fix solved this problem for you also? 


It's common for budget ISP's to throttle during peak times or suffer from congestion but surely not Optus the industry leader? I hope this fix is a permanent solution, can you explain what the actual issue was and how you fixed it? Also what is the chance of this happening in the future?  @Guy #YESOPTUS 

Re: NBN FTTP Peak Hour Speeds


I have tried connecting my laptop directly bypassing the modem. still same issue. this is one of the test that the technician did.

So the problem of slow speeds during peak hours still exist


Re: NBN FTTP Peak Hour Speeds


Hi All,


I'm also from The Ponds 2769. I thought I was having this problem by myself. As with @fixittonez I also experience the speed decline in the last 3 months or so. I asked to be upgraded from 25/5 to 50/20 plan to test if it will make a difference and no difference. 


Same experiences, unable to watch channels from FetchTv without dropouts, Netflix pretty much unusable, lots of buffering on Youtube and drop to lower resolution most of the time.


Contacted tech support on two separate NBN connection outages within month of Oct2016 and mentioned about the speed issues. The last contact with tech support, the tech admitted that there's network congestion issue in the area and he couldn't give a timeframe on when the upgrade will be. 


During the peak between 5pm to midnight, my download speed was between 3-10Mbps while the upload speed pretty much 19Mbps. 


Optus have to do something. It's clearly congestion issue within the area. 

Re: NBN FTTP Peak Hour Speeds

[ Edited ]

Yep still the same tonight. Just ran a speed test. 12mbps download and 35 Mbps upload. Crap speeds. Im on a 100/40 Mbps plan. I have tested straight from the nbn modem to isolate the issue.


Why should I pay my broadband bill Optus? With shocking service like this????? @Steph_C

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