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Hi Optus and All,

I live in a new estate in the Kellyville area, off Memorial Avenue. Been using NBN (100/40 plan) since July 2014. However recently with the new roll outs i have noticed that the speeds between 5 pm and 11 pm are down to ridiculous speeds of 1 Mb. Upload always remains consistent at 35 - 38 Mb. During the day time i get around 80 - 92 Mb download speeds. Due to speed issue my Fetch TV IP channels do not work from 5 pm right up to midnight. So in fact i cannot watch TV or browse the internet during this time. Keep in mind i have 2 Mobile phones, NBN, Land Line and Fetch TV with Optus. i pay over $200 a month to Optus.

I have raised a call with Optus (ticket number - 15695517). Done every tests possible with the support technician. Eventually they decided to send me a new Modem, honestly i don’t think it’s an issue with the modem, Optus technician informed me that he has raised a support ticket with NBN itself and that they would get back to me within 48 hours.


Has anyone had similar issues? Also what is Optus going to do about congestion? 

Look forward to responses.


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Seems you might be busy dealing with all the other unsatisfied customers optus.

I am still getting rubbish speeds but after 5 weeks of getting shifted from one person to the other I was told by a tech team member that there is congestion in my area and will not be updated until November.

I will need somebody to please send me a complaint number so i can get reimbursed for the last 2 bills i have been unable to use your service.

I am frustrated your Optus team had the audacity to send me another bill which is $15 more than my previous bill.

I expect a reply by tomorrow.


Regards Tim

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Hi Tim, I got a smilar reply as well. Apparently Optus needs to install virtual servers and this will take couple of months. Seems like this will ease the congestion, so they say.  Clearly Optus have over sold and cannot scale up their hardware and infrastructure.

Can i ask what area are you located?

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Timmyd1 if you care to PM through your details we can take a look at this for you.


wjf. I can see that you've spoken to our case management team. They are monitoring your service and will be in touch with any updates. 

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Sorry for the late reply.

Optus has definitely not purchased enough bandwidth.

I am located in Wollongong NSW.


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As much as i like to have a chat i am already supplying my details to a number of your team. It seems pointless but it is keeping me entertained while i can't watch fetch or fox play or use youtube without buffering.

I can't bring myself to call tech support.

What you can do is provide me with a way to resolve my problem with slowspeeds as well as resolving thefact i am still getting billed for this.

Do i have to go to the ombudsman and waste more of my time or are you as a organisation going to supply the service you advertise and stop wasting your customers money. 


Re: NBN FTTP Peak Hour Speeds


I am at Kellyville, NSW

Re: NBN FTTP Peak Hour Speeds


Hey @Timmyd1 - I've replied to your PM. For those affected by peak time slows, unfortunately the big fix for this needs to be applied at a network level - however you may find some helpful tips in this thread here.

Re: NBN FTTP Peak Hour Speeds

A week now without Fetch TV operational between 5 pm and 11 pm and 2 Mb download speed on NBN FTTP 100/40 connection paying over $120 a month. just ridiculous!!! I hope the customer service and retention team manager are reading this.

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Hi wjf, I am on the Kellyville exchange as well and have had NBN FTTP since August 2015. It was great 100/40 24 hours a day until the recent months where its plummeted to 5/40 at aound 6pm every night and most of the weekend.

My parents keep complaining to me about not being able to watch Fetch as it's always displaying the "low bandwidth" error.

I feel your pain. Hope Optus does something soon because its getting quite frustrating.

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