NBN FTTN Installation issues


My Cousin recently signed up for an NBN installation at her house and added myself to the account to help as I am house sitting and she is not confident in dealing with tech related issues.


Anyway Ive been trying to get it connected for around two weeks now and I keep getting different answers around what is going on, whether I call or use the website chat service. Its getting pretty rediculous as I have about 4 order numbers now, 4 different incident numbers and the best part?  I have literally had 4 modems sent to the address. But still no connection and I still cant get an answer around what the problem is. I know it will take time and thats fine, I just want to know what the hold up is.


Is there anyother customer service method besides calling or the chat as they really seem to have no clue about the account or the issues. Like its something you cant really get angry about because its just so rediculously funny that I have 4 modems sitting here and still cant get an answer.


Oh and yes I am sorry if this is not the correct forum etc etc but really, when I am getting no answer elsewhere where else can I go?



Re: NBN FTTN Installation issues


The biggest issue is that Optus is dependant on nbn - a separate company - to hook each home up to the nbn itself. If you have a modem from Optus (and you have three!) then what you are waiting for is for nbn themselves to put their kit in your house. Optus should be able to tell you when this is scheduled for, if it hasn't already happened. If you already have the nbn kit installed, then you should just need to hookup one of the modems to that.... :-)



  • If nbn has installed their kit, just plug in one of the routers from Optus and see if it works. Be aware that it may not work instantly - if it doesn't start working after an hour or so, contact Optus and ask them to check as they may need to register it.
  • If nbn has not installed their kit yet, contact Optus and ask them to let you know when nbn is scheduled to visit

Keep in mind that if you have got FTTN, it should be using the existing copper Telstra telephone line ( so you may already be hooked up, you just need to find that old Telstra telephone socket and plug the modem into it.



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