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Wondering how the connection works with FTTC.  Previous owners had OPTUS Broadband with overhead cable from pole across the road connected to OPTUS box at side of house.  We did not reconnect when we moved in.  The FTTC pit is on nature strip just outside our boundary on the opposite side of the road from the pole and overhead cable connection.  My questions are:-

a) how does FTTC connect to house - does  a cable go back across the road and then back to house using overhead cable or is a trench dug and the connection from FTTC is run through this to the house and if so who does the digging?

b) can the overhead OPTUS box and overhead cable be removed as not being utilized?




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FTTC connect using the standard phone line cable (the modem actually sends a tiny bit of power down the line to power the FTTC unit in the pit in the street.). If you don't have a phone line then you will need to install one as NBNCo will not do that for you. Check around for any old phone outlets and a pipe that might be heading back to the street in the front garden. Otherwise ask your intended RSP if they can do the installation (free or for a cost). You can also just get a cabler in to lay the line to the front of the street.

Optus will shut down the Optus Cable HFC about 3 months after the NBN becomes available. Soon the entire Optus HFC network will be scrapped. YOu can just contact optus and ask them to take it away anytime. You don't have to be present, they'll just rock up one day and unhook it.

FTTC is a great NBN technology and capable of solid high speeds 100Mbps+ Enjoy,

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FTTC uses the old Telstra copper phone cables. If the house has ever has a Telstra phone line installed, then there should not be any NBN connection fee.

My Telstra phone line hadn't been used for well over 10 years. NBN Installation was free.

Not every pit will have NBN equipment in it I have a pit right in from of my house, but they used the one across the street.