Re: NBN: Extremely slow speed


lets see if things change from june 1st when NBNco CVC pricing structure changes.   Lets see if Optus purchase more CVC  bandwidth subsequently easing congestion issues.  

Just FYI  congestion is not limited to you area .. it is produced by lack of bandwidth at the CVC(this is like a gateway all the optus traffic moves through between NBN network and the wider world.   This is where NBN apply bandwidth to service providers based on the amount they purchase.)    This is where all the problems are.   Just because you have purchased 100mb of bandwidth a month on your 100/40   does not automaticly mean optus will purchase that much from NBN.     Under australian law they are not required to provide what you are purchasing.  your connection might be capable of it but they are not compelled to supply thus the "up to" phrase every where



Re: NBN: Extremely slow speed


Hi @Paradox101 I'm really sorry to hear this is the case Smiley Sad If you'd like us to take a look into your account please feel free to PM the full name, number and date of birth attached to your services here →

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