NBN: Extremely slow speed


I would like to share my experince with Optus NBN service provided at Wentworth Point NSW 2127.

The NBN plan is 100M/40M. It used to be a very good service until two weeks ago when the download speed was dropped to less than 10Mbps. I called Optus a few times but no proper technical answer yet.


Let me to share my terrible NBN speed for tonight:

Server: Sydney

Last Result:
Download Speed: 5979 kbps (747.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 19525 kbps (2440.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
Latency: 10 ms
Jitter: 66 ms
11/22/2016, 10:21:34 PM


I hope the NBN team at Optus reads the feedback and come up with a solution ASAP for this congested area otherwise Optus will keep losing the NBN customer. 


To me, there are two possible issues: one is Optus does not purchase enough bandwidth from NBN Co. and another is the NBN Co. has a backhaul issue in the area.






Re: NBN: Extremely slow speed

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How could Optus charge the customer $120 for such speed then a case manager offers $20 off to keep the customer happy. Judge by yourself!


Last Result:
Download Speed: 2622 kbps (327.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 30513 kbps (3814.1 KB/sec transfer rate)
Latency: 7 ms
Jitter: 121 ms
11/25/2016, 9:44:35 PM


It seems there is no timeframe at Optus to purchase enough bandwidth from NBN Co in near future so that everyone should go to Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman and make an online complain. <moderator edited for hyperlink>




Re: NBN: Extremely slow speed


Hi @Reza_SYD,

Apologies about the late reply there. There can be a number of factors which impact speed on any particular service - I recommend checking out our website here → for more information with regards to this. Can I confirm how long this has been happening for? How many services are connected to your Internet at any one time? Have you performed speed tests outside of peak hours? We're here to assist in any way we can so if you can provide some more information we'll be happy follow up for you.

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Re: NBN: Extremely slow speed

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Hi @Vicky


Let me clarify some points here,


With having a deep knowledge of Telecommunication and Networking, I had done lots of experiments including some instructed by Optus team. I beleive that Optus network team should be fully aware of the congestion in the area (NSW 2127) but no serious and quick action is going to be taken. Is it fair to pay $100 for such a service?


Anyway, my answers are here:


Can I confirm how long this has been happening for? This issue has been there since three weeks ago.


How many services are connected to your Internet at any one time? The speed test has been done in following condition:

1- Peak hour

2- Only one computer connected to the modem LAN port.

3- Wireless was off. No other device was connected

4- The speed test was done using the link provided by Optus team


Have you performed speed tests outside of peak hours?Yes, The speed was not better than ~25-30Mbp


Re: NBN: Extremely slow speed


Thanks for the extra details. Which version of NBN are you on? FTTN or FTTP? It's very strange that you never get over 30Mb/s even out of peak hours. You may still be impacted by peak time slows but that by definition shouldn't be occurring outside of peak hours. Did you have a fault reference number we could look into?

Re: NBN: Extremely slow speed

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Sorry for the late reply. I had a pretty busy week.


I have FTTP NBN version (NBN box in my unit).


I used to get a very good speed nearly (80Mbps) when the area was not congested. It is now terrible.


I had a fault ref. no. as 15814429.


The speed test for tonight is again terrible.

Last Result:
Download Speed: 5747 kbps (718.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 38099 kbps (4762.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Latency: 9 ms
Jitter: 3 ms
12/2/2016, 9:03:25 PM


It's been more than a month for this issue but we cannot see any service improvement at all. It seems no plan to purchase more bandwidth from NBN Co. at all.


I have recorded the speed test of the Optus NBN network for three Friday in a row. I believe it is enough to start a class action for the low quality service.

Re: NBN: Extremely slow speed


Thanks for the info @Reza_SYD. I had a look and unfortunately we don't have an ETA on when we'll be carrying out capacity upgrades. I can see we've popped your mobile number on our register though. Once the upgrades have been completed we'll notify you by SMS. Alternatively you're welcome to chat with our team on 1300 555 241 about your options from here moving forward. 

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Re: NBN: Extremely slow speed

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I have the same problem, I live in the middle of the city in Sydney 2000 NSW, in a 57 stories building in World Square (5 minutes walk from Darling Harbour), been on the phone many time with Optus support and case management, no improvements yet. 


I had a 25/5 connections barely getting 3Mbps if I was lucky! Usually 0.5Mpbs to 5Mpbs If i'm really lucky!


Now upgraded to 100/40 Mpbs, barely getting 24Mpbs tonight an usually 30-50Mpbs on 100MPBS connection in the middle of the city! Terrible! 


I can't even imagine what some of you are getting a few Kilometers away from the city must be horrible!


They tell me my line speed is 72Mbps MAX (Why are they advertising 100Mbps in Sydney CBD if they cant deliver 50% of that?)



Most speed are between 30-50Mbps....very far from the 100Mbps advertise (even if they say "Do you have Ethernet?" who the Who has 1990 ethernet in 2016? Computer dont even have those ports anymore!)



To keep an eye on my Speedtest which are terrible from Optus:

Re: NBN: Extremely slow speed


Hi naik_michel, I've replied to your other post here. Best to keep conversation in one thread so we can keep track on the conversation.

Re: NBN: Extremely slow speed


I'm running into the same issue, which has proved to be extremely frustrating for someone who is paying a premium every month, yet being provided appaling (5-10mbps) speeds from Optus. 


I also moved into the Wentworth Point area and have received terrible speeds for the past three months despite being on the fastest speed package possible, while also paying the premium this point, we're paying the premium for no reason whatsoever. 


After countless calls to Optus support, I've been told there is no expected timeframe regarding an update on the NBN infrastrucutre, which apparently at the moment cannot suport the bandwith required to supply all customers with the correct speeds they've pruchased.


Have been extremely disappointed with Optus' NBN service since signing up, unfortunately.  

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