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NBN Drops Out Consistently - Help!



We've had NBN with Optus for about two months now, and since our connection date (which took two weeks of problems and long calls and complaints before we got connected, but that's a whole other thing), we've been experiencing weird short dropouts pretty consistently.


They occur roughly 1-2 times a day, and usually only last a minute or so, but this disruption usually happens at critical times, during times when live and constant connection is important.


During this disconnect, our modem appears to lose sync, and then it will regain it shortly after. A few times it has dropped out for longer though (last night it was out for over 6 hours). Usually it drops out around early afternoon, and again late evening.


Tried calling up Optus, but you know how this goes... It's either "try these stupid steps which never work and which you've already tried" or it's "there's an issue in your area, it'll be fixed soon, just wait for it (even though you've had this issue since the beginning)".


I turned on the system log for this terrible modem we were supplied (Sagemcom F@ST3864AC) and forced to use, and here's what it says when it dropped out:


Aug 2 22:12:07     kern     crit     kernel: Line 0: VDSL2 link down
Aug 2 22:12:07     kern     crit     kernel: Line 0: xDSL G.994 training
Aug 2 22:12:07     kern     crit     kernel: Line 0: VDSL G.993 started
Aug 2 22:12:07     kern     crit     kernel: Line 0: VDSL G.993 channel analysis      
Aug 2 22:12:07     kern     crit     kernel: Line 0: VDSL2 link up, Bearer 0, us=40558, ds=107097
Aug 2 22:12:07     kern     crit     kernel: Line 0: VDSL2 link up, Bearer 1, us=0, ds=0


I don't know if the modem is the issue, as I don't have another VDSL modem I can try, and apparently if I try my old D6200 modem, NBN might lock my port, so I don't want to even try.


These dropouts are just unacceptable, especially at this frequency and consistency. I've read a tonne of similar reports from other Optus clients, which doesn't give me great confidence in your service, but I'm hoping to be able to contact a higher level tech support at Optus who won't give me the generic speil, but actually work towards checking on this issue and giving me useful debugging steps to get this resolved.


Is there an email address I can contact, and send logs etc. to? Or is this post sufficient to warrant a response from someone?


I would appreciate any help provided to help this frustrating problem.




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Re: NBN Drops Out Consistently - Help!

Hey Jay, your service definitely shouldn't be dropping out 😞

Have you since spoken with our Faults crew about what's going on?

If not - please PM me with your username/account number so we can run a few tests on our end! 

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