NBN Drop outs on Sagemcom F@st


Hi Guys

Recently signed up for Optus NBN with the 100mbps plan. Speeds are ok. Have always had 3-4 noticeable drop outs over a 24 hour period though. I know there are plenty of people here that have worse but for me it’s not acceptable.


The issue is present on all devices, wired and over Wi-Fi. Power cycling the modem router fixes the issue, but it’s not really a fix as it keeps happening. To be clear all devices remain connected to the router but have no internet access. The modem we have is a “Gateway F@ast 3864AC NBN


Firmware is up to date on modem-router, have made sure all cables are connected ect.. Im about to try purchasing a new modem-router and/or get them to send a technician. Was just wondering if anyone with this issue before me suggests anything to try first?





Re: NBN Drop outs on Sagemcom F@st


I would support buying a new router for experimentation. Too many people suffer on principle that they don't want to spend anything.

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