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NBN Drop-outs & Unreliable

I had my NBN service 'activated' on 23rd August. I'm fast approaching 2 weeks and it's still not working!

I have frequent drop-outs (I can see more than 1,000 dropouts within a few hours in the router diagnostics page). I am getting handballed back and forth between Optus tech support and NBN contractors.

The NBN service is coming in via the Foxtel coax. My Foxtel signal looks fine & stable.


Then, yesterday I got a txt msg from Optus telling me that the problem has been fixed, but it's not!


Why can't I get a straight answer and why is this so difficult to get fixed


Has anyone else been treated the same? If so, did you ever get a resolution?


I feel like picking up all the NBN equipment and dumping it on the table at the closest Optus Store. Maybe I will also cancel all my other services with Optus whilst I am at it.


This is incredibly frustrating for some who is time poor!

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Re: NBN Drop-outs & Unreliable

I feel your pain. I had my NBn 'Activated' a couple of days ago and have regular drop outs and lock ups. I've diagnoised multiple issues. The NBN connection box was dropping connection. the Sagecrap router is also locking up. It keeps the lights on saying its connected, but it has crashed. Internet goes down and as I have multiple devices hooked up the the switch ports, my whole network goes down. Can't ping the Sagecrap so I know its crashed. Only solution to the latter is to reboot it. This happens every day so far. I have had more unscheduled downtime with this NBN connection in a handful of days than I did in 20 years of Optus cable... Supposed to have an NBN tech out to check the line this afternoon. I leave work early so I can be here for the appointment and all I get is an SMS saying issue has been resolved. Didn't even see the guy so have no idea if he actually did anything. Give me back my cable connection any day - it was reliable, not like this rubbish.

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New Contributor

Re: NBN Drop-outs & Unreliable

I should have remained with Telstra cable.


Optus NBN is so appalling I lodged a complaint with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.


It is a shame we no longer own our utilities and have to resort to individual complaints rather than sending a  collective message at the ballot box.


The following message is becoming a familiar site as I stream Netflix and AppleTV:


”An error occurred loading this content. Try

again later.”


I suggest we save and paste our support requests because I suspect it’s going to be a long haul.




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