NBN - DSL Light, No internet light


Hi guys I was recently with Telstra for ADSL2+. I've recently had that disconnected and signed up to Optus NBN fibre to the Node a few weeks ago, with the NBN installation date yesterday as well as Optus telling me that my activation date was yesterday as well.


Now that the NBN tech has changed me over I've tried to use my internet. I have a solid power light, a solid DSL light and a WiFi light.... No internet light. Not even red, just blank.


When I go to the modem's IP address all it says is no internet connection, it doesn't ask me to put any details in or anything.


I've tried calling technical support and they're trying to help me, but I get the feeling that my service hasn't actually been activated.


If anybody could help that would be great.


Thanks in advance, Scott


Re: NBN - DSL Light, No internet light


Hey ScottyO - very sorry for the late reply to your post. Would recommend touching base with Tech Support on 131344 if you're needing a hand in future. 

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