NBN Contract - Month ahead charge

I've had a lovely online chat with Craig who informs me that the double-charge on my bill is the "month ahead" charge, that its "standard" and that despite it not being mentioned during the sales process or in my contract (in the Critical Information Summary or the Consumer Terms document) that the charge is legitimate and can't be retracted or credited.
So, prior to engaging the TIO, would any helpful individual from Optus care to review the chat session where the "Support Person" acknowledges that the charge is not covered in any contractual document or in the sales process, or someone from the general public inform me that I'm being stupid and should eat the $80 fee as I will supposedly get it back at the end of the 2 year period (oh, so easy for them to forget by then and charge me again)...
So glad I've stuck with you for ~7 years...
- apologies for my terrible usage of the quotation marks - 

Re: NBN Contract - Month ahead charge


Optus routinely charge first and last month (Same as most rental agreements do FWIW). The idea being you have paid for the first month upfront. If you now default and never give Optus any money again then instead of Optus cutting your service on the 1st day of the second month they have a one month buffer where service can continue and you have time to pay.


So it works both ways. Optus "keep the lights on" if you don't pay on time every month and Optus also aren't out of pocketif you skip town.




Peter Gillespie

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