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NBN Constant Dropouts

So this evening I had decided to Google 'Optus NBN constantly dropping out' and my, the results that just spammed my monitor was almost amazing. But through all the posts I had seen, none of them had actually failed after the next troubleshooting step, until now...

So when I first connected my Optus NBN at my new property I was excited to finally be connected to the open world again. Then I tried to open my web browser, it was their reputation highlighting itself on my screen, "This page cannot be displayed". Check my PC settings, and what do you know, I lost my connection. I logged into the router and it was reporting back that there was no connection. This did not suprise me in the slightest. 

After troubleshooting with Optus they were able to fix my connection, and was somewhat browsing the internet for about 3 days. 


Day 4, it happened again. I did my research about their Sagemcom modem they supplied and also tried to go through the settings on the router, I had decided that Optus completely fries the stock firmware on the router and puts all their branding on it and restricts anyone who wants to open/forward ports or configure any custom network settings. This also was the typical way for Optus as they have been frying stock firmwares on routers/modems since I became a customer back in 2009.


I replaced my modem with a TP-Link AC1600 Archer VR600v, and I must say, what an impressive piece of equipment. Very simple for the beginner networker and also has access to the advanced features for those peeps who know what they are doing. Then I started to drop out again. I thought straight away its the TP-Link modem, so I had borrowed a Netgear (i forget the model) and that had the same issue. So as one would do, I contacted Tech Support.


As soon as you tell anyone from Tech Support that you aren't using their hardware, that automatically becomes the technicians resolution and deems your hardware the reason why your internet isnt working. So I would connect the brick that optus supply, and then show them I wasnt connecting. Then the normal reply you always get when they really just cannot give 2, "We will open an investigation". And thats it. By now I maybe have 7 departments handling about 20 investigations on various services without one of those investigations having an outcome. By this stage I usually jump ship and use a different telco. 




Optus are operating in this country supplying the people of Australia with a sub-par service and should take responsibility. When does the customer win Optus? When do I ever get the chance to pay my bill (charged correctly) and get a full service without any problems. Other companies are capable of supplying this service. But not Optus?


Stop charging customers full price and delivering not even close to a quarter of the service you promise to deliver in your contract that you make us sign when we take on your service.



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Re: NBN Constant Dropouts

Hi Nic, we run a small architectural practice from home that is dependent on a reliable broadband connection. We started NBN with Optus in May last year and for the first six months enjoyed a reasonable service... then it all fell apart, with numerous attempts to fix the problems of continual drop outs, drastically slow speeds (slower than dial up!) at times, having to restart the modem numerous times a day, etc. by the replacement of overhead cables to the property, numerous techos visiting, hours wasted talking to support staff, etc. They replaced our modem twice with no result. In the end we were told it is our internal wiring and they could do no more. This went on from Early December to this week. Still had 12 months contract to ride out so we were persevering until two days ago Optus phoned to tell us that we can leave our contract with no penalty (ACCC/NBN agreement) ... so we did. Immediately signed up with Aussie Broadband and that night the changeover was completed. Results? Fantastic. Back to great speeds and consistent internet, the difference is almost unbelievable. The customer service at Aussie is, so far, amazingly good. We are even using the Optus modem until our new one arrives, and we haven't had our internal wiring touched. For me it proves that there is something seriously wrong with the Optus network, but they will not admit it, they just blame it back on the consumer, and continue to take the money. Sorry for the long rant, but I felt compelled to let you know. All the best with it!
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