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We have had NBN for a few months now and have suffered constant drop outs. When operating the speed has not been an issue. Once we have identified the connection has dropped we have to manually unplug and re start the NBN Arris modem and wait for it to re boot. Turning the Opotus Sagemcom modem on or off makes no difference, only when we restart the Arris box do we finally re connect. 


Over the course i have tried taking the Arris box off the splitter with Foxtel and connecting direct to the wall with no improvement. Foxtel has been running without issue through the period so there re no obvious line issues. As mentioned, when it is running the speed is fine. How can we get the NBN to run without interrruption based on this?

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The Sagemcom thing is a router. The Arris is the bit that encodes for the cable connection.


Can you get into the Arris on IP


See if you can find the line sync maximum attainable rate, or somesuch. See if it has a diagnostics page. I know nothing about it, I only learned about it since you posted.

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Tried the but can't login ..just timed out. Have they locked local access recently?

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Well, it's a bit awkward that they have disabled the modem interface, and supplied a separate router, which knows nothing.


It may be a slightly broken modem. Some people have problems with the VDSL2 Sagemcom modems dropping out.


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@Optus What's happening with the nbn in wodonga?  We've had no internet that is useable IE fetch TV ETC email.  It's completely useless.  When will it be fixed 

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