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NBN Co & Optus SLA?

I am wanting to find out what kind of turn around time i can expecft for a fault that has been created by NBN co - 

(Back Story - i have NBN and on Thursday night at 11pm, it stoped working. i worked with the optus support team and eliminated the usual steps of restarting everything, and restoring the router. To then be told upon following up that my ticket with NBN to move my service had been closed, when i had not created a ticket to move my serivce.. It is still offline.) 


So. My question is, how does optus actually chase and hound NBN when it is NBN that has made an error? 

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Re: NBN Co & Optus SLA?

Sorry to hear about your NBN connection issue, @Bradcar. If there is a fault reported with a specific address on the NBN network then we raise an incident with NBNCo on customers behalf for them to investigate further or if a technician is required. When NBNCo gets back we update the customer accordingly. As such we can`t give you a time frame as it is not our Network.

You are best to follow up your fault with our Technical Support either via the My Optus App by clicking → here or by calling them on → 1300 300 427 - Mon - Sun, 8am - 8pm (AEST). 

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