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New Contributor Waiting45G
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NBN Cancelled before I moved house

Hi all

So I have organised to move my NBN to a new address originally for the 15th February. Plans changed so I chatted to their customer service and had the date changed to the 28th February. All good they said all done they said. So at 9pm on 14th February NBN goes bye bye. More chatting to various Optus staff members leads to the many apologies we have failed to cancel the work order for the original date. We can't reconnect and now it's 25gb on my mobile or buy a prepaid dongle with 50gb attached and we credit it back. Has anyone else had a better solution from Optus? Can they really not reconnect the line?

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Re: NBN Cancelled before I moved house

It is pretty incompetent actions by Optus. Fwiw changing NBN related appointments of any sort is always a bit fraught. In this case nbn has done everything asked of it. Optus can now only request a new appointment and 2-4 weeks is pretty standard right now. 


The dongle is a common 'solution' Optus provide. I'd take it as there is little else you can do.


Peter Gillespie

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