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NBN Cable internet not enabled by Optus

My NBN was active two days ago. The tech used the Optus cable to the house so the old cable connection is gone and I have no internet or home phone. Lights all green on the NBN modem but the new NBN internet has not been enabled by Optus.

I have contacted Optus twice so far. Each time I was told they had contacted the activation team and apparently there are no problems. I was advised, the first time, that it would probably be on in a few hours and the max time was 24 hrs, the second time that it would be on by "close of business" [yesterday].

I have a 2 year plan worth over $2000 and I am surprised that this evidently simple work carried out many times before has not been done. But there is something more concerning:

I am 70 years old, I work from home as a biomed engineer, and I have a number of health conditions, one of which classifies as a disability. My treatment by Optus has caused me a lot of stress.

It feels like Optus has not shown me any respect as a customer and has neither been transparent nor honest in their dealings with me.

I wonder whether anyone who reads this knows how I might get Optus to switch on my internet. Thank you for any assistance.

Re: NBN Cable internet not enabled by Optus


You will need to keep badgering Optus. Do this via LIVECHAT or FACEBOOK or the Mobile Phone App. 

Optus sales staff should be able to register the Optus Modem on their end on the spot (you should ask to be put through to the activation team or if the person you are talking about can see your modem from their end. They may need to be told the serial number on the modem to connecttrhough to it. 


Perhaps try stay on the line while the activation is done (once the NBN modem is all flashing green) it should be trival for Optus to activate their modem. 


Also do a double check that your equipment is set up properly. In particular the CAT5 cable from the NBN modem to the optus modem should be plugged into the different coloured WAN port.


Peter Gillespie

Re: NBN Cable internet not enabled by Optus


Thank you Peter. A moment ago I went on chat all set to try again according to your advice, and noticed another computer not tethered wanted to update. Curious coincidence (I had just checked minutes before and the internet wasn't working) I guess. I can't see how this post or a similar msg to Optus fb would have an effect.


I stand by my comment, however, that this disrepects the customer. Not everyone my age, for example, is particularly computer savvy, and it should not be necessary to badger at all. Why didn't this straightforward task happen as promised?


Thanks again



Re: NBN Cable internet not enabled by Optus


So just to confirm the internet is now working OK for you? Great.


I can't speak to the customer service experience. I do think Optus is working hard to improve this area (because its not working very well for many (old and young)  especially when it comes to NBN transitions.) They are attempting to put in place a "concierge experience" which hopefully will mean a single point of contact that follows up the process and doesn't just wait for complaints to come though. Too late for you perhaps, but hopefully now you are properly connected the Internet should become a non issue (just like knowing when you turn on the tap water will come out)


Enjoy the NBN and know that if Optus doesn't improve its offering you are now free to choose and RSP and any plan to supply the NBN to you down the track.


Peter Gillespie

Re: NBN Cable internet not enabled by Optus


Hi Peter.

Just to put my 2 bobs wearth in,i had a problem with the new nbn and wifi install to my place i had nothing for 2 weeks and a tech came out and tried for 2  1/2 hrs trying new modems cales but nothing he phoned a friend who told him to default the nbn box and the optus modem but still nothing and was told to look for 5 Ghz optus network which we did and WHAM wifi and internet so there must of been something in the home that was running 2 .4 Ghz which was interferring with the wifi and when witched over to the optus 5 Ghz option BANG everthing fine...

Thx to the optus tech for persevering and getting my intewrnet up and running..


Cheers Colin


Re: NBN Cable internet not enabled by Optus

[ Edited ]

Good recommendation @Go_Swans . I also suggest getting a wired connection setup to begin with as it removes one more potential area (wifi) that can go wrong. FWIW I'd be surprised if the 2.4 band was completely surpressed. Its possible the antenna/modem might just be broken on that band. 


Your post did give me an idea for others if this happens. You don't necessarily need the Optus modem to connect to the Internet. Normally you do need it plugged in once (the first time) for Optus to register but you can just plug the single cable coming out of the NBN modem straight into a PC / Laptop. You might find the internet starts flowing (not a full solution, but another thing to test perhaps)


Peter Gillespie

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