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I'm looking to get a better understanding of the hardware required for the Cable NBN which we've just been connected to (coming from Optus Cable).


I had the HFC cable coming in to a dedicated network cupboard in our house. The NBN tech has dropped a "splitter" on that cable and connected one line to a Touchstone CM820 Cable Modem which in turn feeds into an Optus-supplied Sagemcom F@st 3864 NBN Router.


On Optus Cable, I just had the HFC cable feed directly into an Optus-supplied Netgear CG3000 V2 (


So my questions are:

1. Can I switch out the Sagemcom router for the Netgear one as it has a WAN point with a sticker over it that says, "remove for fibre"?

2. Better still, can I switch out the Touchstone modem and the Sagemcom router for the Netgear router and just plug the HFC cable straight into the Netgear router? Or is the NBN signal different to the Optus Cable signal (the splitter appears to just split the signal without any processing)? Or is the Optus-branded Netgear router borked up so as not to accept anything but an Optus Cable signal?


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1) I don't see why not. Worth a try, Optus used to use the CG3000v2 with HFC so it MIGHT work, but then again, why would the change to the Sagemcom if it was OK? If it does work I can't imagine the VOIP Working

2) I think the touchstone modem is like the NBN box for FTTP i.e won't work without it.


You can try both, just remember how you put it back together

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So plugging the cable straight into the Netgear router definitely won't work as the Optus firmware has all the relevant settings hard-coded to their Cable service. Once I realised that, I didn't even both trying the Touchstone modem into the Netgear router as all those same hard-coded values would still be there and the chances of it working are pretty remote I'm thinking.


So instead, I ripped everything out, got rid of the splitter, plugged everything back together and so far (over 24 hours), I've had no issue with DHCP. So that might be coincidence or it might just be the network Gods like it that I cleaned up all my infrastructure Smiley Wink

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Glad it all seems to be working @HiRAEdd! We only support the standard setup from here, so if there is anything we can help with related to that then let us know Smiley Happy

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We have recently got NBN capability in our street. We are currently on Optus cable with the same Netgear CG3000V2 modem/router, but we use it as a modem only ie in bridge mode to our own router. Although Optus supply a different (Sage...) modem/router for NBN, I was under the impression that the CG3000V2 could still do the job.... maybe it needs some setting tweaked, but if it has a port for NBN one would think it would work.... Some questions I have:

Why did you get a splitter in the first place? Did the tech just do that? As far as I know a splitter is if you need to go one route to the NBN connection box & another route to pay TV...???

When you connected everything back up, I assume you meant the new NBN-supplied hardware & not the old cable modem?

Did you ever try the old cable modem?

What speed plan did you sign up for and how is it performing? I seem to read & hear nothing but compaints from people on Optus NBN or for that matter any major Telco with the congestion problem especially during peak times.

Thanks for your help



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HI @ozeannie, as part of the HFC NBN connection, NBN will install the Network Termination Device(NTD). This will function as a modem on it's own for broadband. The Netgear modem may work also for broadband, but won't work for telephony on HFC NBN as it's firmware is specifically designed for our direct HFC services. You'll need the Sagemcom modem and it's firmware if you want telephony services on Optus NBN. The splitter you are referring to is included in the Sagemcom kit as the same unit is used for Optus ADSL services. 

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Thanks Scott. So telephony aside, a separate modem should not be necessary to get NBN broadband…just plug my existing (standalone) router into the NTD…. Assuming it is NBN compliant… does Optus or anyone have data on NBN-compliant routers? (I have Googled but hard to find anything conclusive) I suppose you only know for the ones you supply – mine is a Netgear WNDR3700v1 which I use connected to my existing Optus-supplied NetgearCG3000V2 modem (in bridge mode). If the direct connection to the router doesn’t work, then if I continue to use the Optus Netgear modem + my own router, it should work if the Optus modem is NBN compliant? Since it has a WAN port taped over with”remove for fibre internet” – can you confirm that this modem will work for NBN? And would it work as is or would some setting have to be changed for NBN reception rather than existing Cable HFC? Finally is the CG3000V2 firmware Optus-specific – ie will this modem work on any other carrier other than Optus? Either as is or is it possible to “unlock” or factory reset – akin to unlocking a mobile phone for use on another network? Appreciate this as if a modem is not needed at all or a new Optus modem is supplied for the NBN, it may be possible to recycle rather than toss the old modem elsewhere.


Edit: I have just rung Netgear and neither the modem nor the router are on their NBN compliant list. Hard to understand why there is a port on the modem for fibre internet then.... probably best just to get a known NBN modem and be done with it. Still interested if anyone has evidence to the contrary as perhaps one or both devices are compliant but just not tested & made it to the list yet....

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