NBN Availability and Registering Your Interest

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The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a massive technology upgrade to our existing telecommunications infrastructure. NBN Co, the company in charge of setting up the network, are busy rolling out the fibre-optic-based network across Australia. Exciting!


What to know more about the NBN? Check out the 'What is NBN?' page over on the Optus website!


I'm keen beans to connect - how do I find out if it's available to me?


So, you're in the know about the NBN and now you're ready to jump on board - awesome! How do you check if it's available at your location?


Checking the availability of NBN at your locatoin is easy! Simply head to the Optus NBN Rollout Map, pop in your address and you'll be told right away if it's available to you.


The NBN isn't available to me yet - what now!?


Phwah, don't freak out just yet! The NBN is a massive project and it'll take time to roll out across Australia. The awesome thing is that you can register your interest and Optus will get in touch with you when it's available at your specified location.


To register for updates, simply head to the NBN Interest Registration Page and fill out your details!

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