NBN Activation Cancellation


since Optus refuse to get in touch / keep  me up to date on the status of my now 10 days overdue order... how long / easy is it to cancel the entire thing and go elsewhere?

Re: NBN Activation Cancellation


Has NBN sent a tech or did you already have the required equipment? 

What NBN type are you getting?

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Re: NBN Activation Cancellation


They sent the equipment... That's all they've done.


It's fttc.


Managed to get through to someone on chat at 22.30 who wanted to call me back with an answer in 2 hours. What planet do these people live on?


When I requested to cancel he said he would inform the backend team... I've never laughed so much. With the standard of service I've gotten so far I'm imagining their backend team is half a dozen monkeys playing with cables in a padded room.


Meanwhile... Aussie broadband said they can get me up and running by the end of next week considering the bank holidays.


Bye Optus. You've been rediculous.

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