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Hi All,


This is horrendous. The one thing that I have the NBN for is to watch live NBA. I have problems at all times with any live league pass streaming. It plays for 5 seconds and the buffers forever before giving me another 5 seconds. It is better when I am watching replays or condensed games, but any live stream is terrible. Sometimes early in teh morning it is alright but whenever I want to watch a game with friends during teh day I cannot. 


All other streaming works perfectly during this time. Nil issues with netflix, you tube, or the premier league through opotus sports. This is so frustrating. Has anyone had any resolution with this or do we need to change internet providers?


I feel a little bit better that other people are having the same issue and its not just me. 





Re: NBA League Pass Buffering


Well I spoke to optus today about the buffering issues whilst I was logging a fault as my cable service was effected by the third outage in three weeks.


I was told by a team leader that optus technicians have checked the network and this may be a problem with the nba app and that I should contact the nba app support. I explained that I didn't understand how the app could work smoothly when connected to my phone vodafone and telstra mobile but not on my optus home Internet connection.


The saga continues.. Looks like this may not get resolved and that I may have to upgrade my molile data plan.

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering


This is an Optus issue and they are just trying to pass the buck. They can’t explain how people are using League Pass perfectly on other ISPs and when they switch to Optus it doesn’t work properly. I have also spoken to league pass support and there are no issues at their end.

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering


I have the same problem here on Optus Cable with speed pack. 

At Night I can download at 8MB/sec but can't watch NBA league pass. I can watch youtube in 4k and everything else fine but NBA is just too hard. 


Works during the day, but stopps working around 5pm on weekdays and 4pm on weekends. Seems like congestion issue on Optus end and not a bandwidth issue on my end. 

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering


Suggest you all consider raising a complaint

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering


I have a case open with the NBA League Pass. The troubleshooting I've done indicates this is definitely a problem with the Akamai servers based at Optus.


I can VPN on my Optus network to work, and stream NBA games fine. Without the VPN, constant buffering. The IPs being served by Akamai from the Optus network are the problem here:

The fact that so many customers are complaining and Optus have doing absolutely nothing for 6 weeks is absolutely galling. Now that they've sat back and waited for their customers to troubleshoot the problem for them, lets see now how long it takes to fix it, or do they need us to do that for them also?


Re: NBA League Pass Buffering


Hi Wallitron. Thanks for the info. I have cancelled my Optus NBN and have switched back to my previous NBN provider. I am now able to watch NBA league pass in HD quality all day and night. I do hope they can start to realize that their services are faulty and should be resolved for all customers. 

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering

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This is some of the misinformation Optus are spreading via their technical chat:


I personally stream NBA games myself and find that those streams are generally more demanding of bandwidth than your standard streaming services (e.g. Netflix, Stan, YouTube). This is due to the ultra HD quality of the stream and the way that NBA games are compressed. Once we've confirmed your Ethernet connection speeds via the link above, we'll be able to assess the next steps moving forward.


With that kind of technical support this issue will never be resolved.

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering


Hi are spot on. No use expecting a resolution from Optus. If anyone has the same issue they should just switch to another provider. Someone should put a comment or social media announcement that Optus NBN does not work properly with NBA league pass. Optus is such a big company to not have the technical expertise or resources for this type of issue. 


Re: NBA League Pass Buffering

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