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Just received a call @ 5:37pm from a member of the Optus Care Team. I’m sure this will come as no surprise to any of my fellow NBA League Pass Pal’s and unlucky Optus customers that there is no further update at this point in time. Yes, that’s correct, I received a phone call to tell me that absolutely nothing has happened, Surprise, Surprise........


Ive been told it’s with the “Network Team”, would it be asking to much of an Optus ‘Network Guru’ to post a response to this OPTUS YES CROWD thread and tell us where they are at with the fault finding exercise.


I wonder and does anyone think that there’s some big wig running around Optus HQ demanding answers from subordinates on why this issue has dragged on for so long and never really been taken seriously from the get go?


@Ray_YC our only help.



Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus


Lakers v Clippers unwatchable again today from 4pm onwards. Had to make a DNS change for it to work.

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus


Yep, potato vision commenced in the 3rd quarter of Philly v Warriors, switched over to Telstra and was perfect for the rest of the game. What DNS IP's are you pointing to for it to perform like one would expect/assume from a 40+Mbps connection? Think I've tried google and but didn't make a difference.

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus


Latest update is still waiting for Akamai to respond to Optus Networks Smiley Indifferent

If only Akamai knew how painful it is sitting in your car at 9pm watching James Harden's antics on a smart phone screen for 2 hours.

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Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus

[ Edited ]

Found this through Google as having similar issues described. For me the issue happens on all 3 networks I have available including:


- Optus 4G

- Aussie NBN FTTP (40/20)

- Telstra 4G


Other IPTV services work fine at same time (including one which is streaming content outside of AU), Netflix, Youtube all sweet. League Pass is fine during the day. Replays unwatchable from 5pm (ish) onwards. Buffering every 10 seconds on the lowest quality setting.


Last season I was at a differernt address with ADSL 2+ (Telstra) with the odd niggle especially in the 4th qtr but otherwise watchable. This season has been the worst since I first started using LP in 2009




Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus




For me the only issue is with Optus Broadband when switching to my Telstra 4G network NBA League Pass works fine. The issue occurs for me from around 2pm onwards on Weekends and School Holiday/Xmas period. During a normal working week later in the afternoon into the night is unwatchable.


Did you run a trace route through all three services? Do they run back to Akamai?


P.S - I had early said that replayed games were not an issue for me but I was wrong.

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus


Wow not buffering today. What is this magic? 

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus


Still buffering for me - Jazz v Suns 9pm AEST. 

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus


Here's the Youtube link to the buffering issue I was having ever since I used Optus NBN with NBA League Pass. Share this with people who are trying their best to troubleshoot/resolve this issue Smiley Wink


Thank God I'm all over this issue now :-)

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus


Did anyone notice any difference with the quality of NBA League Pass today?


For myself it seemed to be better quality today, it did have to buffer but it was for a much shorter period of time, 5-10 seconds before correcting. The buffering also appeared to be fewer and far between, by no means fixed.


Possibly wishful thinking on my behalf as I’m desperate for this to be fixed and it has been slow progress up until this point.


It would be good to see if other users are still experiencing issues.

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