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I just switched to Optus NBN, from dodo adsl which was flawless for NBA and 4K Netflix etc... NBA is now completely unwatchable 

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus


Welcome to Optus NBA hell. 

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus


Hi Guys,


Just an update - Almost a month now since I left my 100mbit optus cable connection that left me with the NBA being unwatchable and not being able to play fifa 19 games online on playstation due to crazy delay and lag. I went with 50mbit aussiebroad band and honestly, every single buffering problem I have has disappeared. I was geuinely flabbergasted at how much I was suffering with optus cable. I can't recommend you leave optus fast enough. If you're in a contract - tell them what they are doing is unacceptable and you want that cancellation fee waived. I was so so happy I could watch the jazz vs rockets game on league pass tonight in top quality with zero lag. Good luck all.

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus


Hi All,

I contacted both NBA and OPTUS about the issue just recently.

Response from NBA LEAGUE PASS:
"Hello again, Thank you for your reply. We understand your frustrations and want to apologize for the inconvenience this has caused for your viewing experience. As you know we have located an issue with your ISP, which we are still working on correcting. This resolution has unfortunately taken longer than expected. If we need additional information, we appreciate your offer to be available for testing.  Please know our team is working hard to correct this issue and we hope to have a fix soon. We again apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for being an NBA fan! Best regards,"

Response from OPTUS:

"Thanks for the online enquiry you sent about NBA League Pass. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused you. In as much as we want to further assist you, the e-mail team do not have the capability and the tools to investigate and resolve your concern. To better assist you with this issue we recommend you ring our English Premier League Specialists at 1300 361 930 or chat via link: 24 x 7 for troubleshooting. Regards!"


Interesting that NBA say they are aware of the issue and OPTUS just fobbed me off. Lets hope they resolve it soon. The last couple of days have been OK for me streaming the playoffs.

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus


Issue still happening, very frustrating indeed!... I had to use my mobile, which is with Telstra, as a hotspot to be able to watch without any lag!... Rethinking now as well to move over my nbn to Telstra ... or has anyone confirmed NBA league pass works for any other service provider? Please share your experience...

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus




Are you being serious with your question? Asking for others to share their experience. How about you take the time to read over the 20 pages of other users experiences before asking a question that has been asked and answered many times before, by myself and others.


Mate, you’re late to the conversation and I’m very sorry if I’ve come off as a little short but, what you were asking was just so frustrating for myself and I assume many others that have been constant contributors to this thread. Seriously, who jumps onto a thread which is 20 pages long without reading it first?


If people are going to contribute please read the 20 pages first so as to make sure there is some value add. No one wants to take new contributors through the entire findings again and again.


Come On Now..........

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus


I've been experiencing this a lot of late in the evening trying to watch the playoffs. Given up and end up watching extended highlights on Youtube where I encounter no buffering issues.


It's definitely an NBN related issue, on 4G I have no buffering.


Contract is up soon, think it's time to explore an alternative mobile & NBN provider.

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus


We have all ready established for some time now that it’s an Optus issue only with NBN, Cable Broadband and 4G services.


Optus have admitted liability, if you read the entire thread you will see this.

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus


Hi everyone,

I know some of you have understandably given up on this or even ended up unfortunately cancelling your service.
I have continued in the background to try and be relentless in getting this resolved and am reaching out to those of you who want the same outcome.
As I continue to read the fault ticket I saw an update from a Tier 2 Networks person and reached out to him as he's also in Sydney and met him at his office this morning. He's had constant back and forth dialogue with Akamai and made progress and has requested some specific tests:

During the time that the buffering happens:

  1. Go to , click on the Start Speed test button, copy the results and paste into Notepad
  2. Please run a second speed test by going to  let it run for approx. 10 seconds, copy the results and paste into Notepad
  3. Open your League Pass in Chrome and sign in. Play a replay game. If the buffering happens (see green boxes in image for where to locate the below points):
  • Press F12
  • Click on Network
  • Clear existing sessions
  • Look for a .m4s file
  • Right click over the file and copy link
  • Paste these into Notepad

and then copy and paste everything in your Notepad into an e-mail and e-mail the results to the same e-mail address you have sent your previous trace routes to with your fault ticket number in the subject line.

If you could please confirm here when you have done this and if you need any help with the above.



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Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus


Sooo a month on no repy from Optus - support ticket raised no reply. I have put a complaint into NBA league pass and sent a link to this forum to highlight how many angry customers are out there and the negligence of Optus to reslove this. 


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