Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus


Nope 😭 same old lag fest. Would love to know the likely hood of them actually doing something about it.

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus

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I watched a game tonight at 6pm on Optus 4G with zero buffering. I don't usually watch weekend games at night so cant compare if that specific time has been an issue for me previously.

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus

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Watched highlights of the Knicks Cavs in the early evening - perfect quality. Then tried to watch parts of the full game with no luck. Buffering and terrible quality. Has anyone else had this experience where the highlights are fine but the game is not?

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus


I seem to have majority of my issues with streaming - live games but I have also experienced issues with all replays and live NBA TV streaming.


Received a call yesterday from an Optus Care team member telling me that there was no further update.


Last week Optus issued my last two bills free of charge and sent me a free 4G modem with 50G of data. Although I believe the problem still occurs across 4G. 

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus


I haven’t gone to Optus to ask for my bill to be discounted yet. 


Ive been trying to “work” from home on days rockets play. So I can watch it live without buffering during the day. 


The thing ink is my phone is with virgin and while it is technically Optus I have no issues with watching nba on it. Replay or live. 

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus


Txt received today from Optus @5:28pm 



Optus Msg: The fault REF: 20494671 should now be fixed. If the issue continues, visit or call us 24/7 on 131344


If anyone is still having issues please post a reply.

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus


Absolute BS from Optus, I just tried streaming NBA TV through the League Pass App and the quality is terrible. unwatchable.


When switching out to Telstra 4G the quality is perfect.


As discussed with another unhappy Optus customer we wouldn’t be surprised if Optus just closed the ticket to beat SLA’s


Absolute Joke are Optus.

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus


No difference tonight. Poor quality then buffering. This has not been resolved. 

Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus

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Hi everyone,

Networks have confirmed with me that it is definitely not resolved.

The latest update in the Network fault ticket, posted around 7pm EST last night, is saying they have not been able to find any common point within the Optus network across the customers reporting this issue, and asking for more information.
What Networks are now asking for is for ping testing from an affected customer whilst the issue is occurring so they can try and trace where these problems might lie.
Rather than limit to just a ping to the NBA server ( ) I would also suggest pingpath command should be run.

I would recommend up to 4 instances of each, maybe spaced a few minutes apart.
So command, from a command prompt, would be;
pathping -n

If the output/result from these could then be dispatched in text form to the same e-mail address that the original trace routes have been sent to, either with the individual fault ticket number as subject or even just anything referring to NBA and we will know to pick it up and get it sent to Networks for consideration in their investigation.

So for those of you who haven't sent an e-mail previously as part of this process or have forgotten what the e-mail address is, please send me a Private Message.

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Re: NBA League Pass Buffering on Optus




Just received a call from the Optus Care team, the txt I received yesterday saying that the fault had been fixed was apparently a system error.


As the above note points out Optus are requesting Ping & Pingpath command results.


Also a shout out to @petebuckets for the help.

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