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MyAccount reporting my service is invalid

Good morning,


I recently switched to NBN from ADSL2, and today I wanted to log into MyAccount to check details and my bill.  And i am greeted with "My Service is Invalid"  I had some options to go and checking billing and other items ... but all of those links went nowhere and reverted back to the same Service Invalid page.  Last Issue with MyAccount took multiple months to solve and eventually my username was changed to some computer generated code.  Thankfully that was fixed in the end.


I want to check my billing and I am unable to do so in the meantime.



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Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Re: MyAccount reporting my service is invalid

Good morning @SimonBauer


We might need to go in and relink the new broadband service from the back-end.

Does the account number begin with an 8 or an 9, or the prefix 62


I'd suggest jumping onto Live Chat 


  1. Select Personal 
  2. Select Home phone & Broadband
  3. Select General and Billing
  4. Ask the team to confirm the correct account number or service has been linked to your existing My Account profile. 


If you do run into any issues, let us know. We're happy to try and help out.



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