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New Contributor Suziii
New Contributor

My internet has been off for almost 5 days and no body is doing anything about it!

I’ve contacted Optus multiple times, they wanted to send out a technician but didn’t so then they changed their mind and said it was NBN’s fault, I said “okay” and they said they’re fixing the problem ASAP and told me to wait for a call from them, like... which will mean the service is fixed. I got a call but my phone was on do not disturb so I rang the number back and it was Optus so in my head I was like oh, the internet is fixed but no I’m wrong the internet is not fixed! I’ve checked to see if there’s and outage but apparently there is not so I’m really confused right now! What do I even do?! 

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RetiredModerator Tano

Re: My internet has been off for almost 5 days and no body is doing anything about it!

Hi @Suziii, quite the runaround, and sorry to hear of your ongoing service issues there 😕


We may need to work alongside the network wholesaler to investigate and restore services to normal, we'll manage the fault ticket on our end and communicate any updates from NBN directly with you. Can you confirm the fault/reference number you have so we can take a look? Feel free to send through a private message when you get a chance and we'll work from there.

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