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I am connected to Optus NBN  on the $70.00 unlimited data plan. When i go to my usage, the guage says i am at 80% usage and will be throttled back.

i have just spent over an hour and half on the phone with no less than 10 different people and no one can answer why this is coming up and if my data will be throttled back.

optus seem unable to answer this question and instead send people round in circles until the get so angry they hang up. Customer service are at the least incompetant, and shuffle from department to department to hide this incompetance. As a 20 year customer with optus I am ready to cancell my account plus my business accounts due to this situation.

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Hmm I must say I haven't done much reading on the NBN plans however I don't recall seeing any plans that were throttled. What does your account description say your plan is? It's almost like support thinks it's $70 home wireless broadband account or something of that nature.

Unlimited nbn plan throttled???

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Have had nbn fixed wireless (home phone and) broadband for over 4 years (monthly use between 200 and 500 G) when I started receiving texts and emails last month saying I’d used 50% of my data allowance (then 85%, then 100) and then it was throttled to 256kbps UNUSABLE!! Ring Optus and speak to SO many different people on the painful customer service line and after being hung up on, NOT believed, etc. etc. Someone even tells me nbn plans are all unlimited and cannot be throttled. I finally get someone that tells me my plan (The CIS and I look it up and IT IS)  only 100G month. I didn’t sign up for that and have never had a limit. I get onto someone that believes me (maybe they checked  my past usage details, there’s a thought, And they reinstate my unlimited status and speed and apologise.!

This month another 50% text!!!  So it starts again. Ring and no one believes me! But Your plan says 100G !  I say I never signed up for any plan that was not unlimited so how can it be? Anyhow it finally comes back that I have been getting nbn ‘unlimited data for free’ (even though that’s what I signed up for 4 years ago @ $60 month speed max. 25up if lucky) so, to keep the lights on so to speak, I agree to $70 month plan (so $10 extra month by month) and pay as u go calls on home phone! 

Hope that’s the end of it

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Yes, it’s happened again! Same issue, got the text messages about 50%, 85% and then tonight 100%  data used Now throttled. Rang once I got the 50% message and asked why has this occurred again. Reassured that it’s nothing to worry about as I have an unlimited plan (Tell me something I don’t know).

so tonight   point.25Mbps so unusable AGAIN.....

what to do......?


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Hi sinderella,

That does sound incredibly frustrating.

As we’re unable to look into account details on Yes Crowd, I would recommend if you have a social media account, to please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details. That way you also won't have to keep repeating yourself whenever the issue arises as it will be in writing in the message history.

Let us know how you go. 

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